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Lonely at Christmas

Lonely at Christmas

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For many of you Christmas time is a huge mirror
It shows you exactly where you are standing concerning love
For love and self-love are strongly connected
And it shows up at Christmas time
For during that period in the year you feel either very lonely
And isolated from source energy
And self-love
Or you are fully surrounded by love
By people who love you
And people who you love back

And if this is the case, the last one
If you are truly surrounded by people that love you
And if you are truly surrounded by people you love back
We must say that you are lucky
For this is very rare
To live and to be in a family
Where you can totally express yourself
Be yourself
And where you are totally accepted
Just the way you are
And where true love is present
This is rare

And if you have that kind of family
And if this is truly there
Cherish it as long as you can
For it is a gift
It’s a blessing

And many of you do not have this
They are together with family that
Do not accept them the way they are
So here you are amongst intimate strangers
And it’s painful
It is painful to be amongst intimate strangers
For they are your sisters
They are your brothers
They are your father, your mother
They are your grandmother, grandfather
They are your children
And there is love
And there is understanding
And there is respect
But there is also distance
And then there is the longing
The longing of being accepted

And that longing always translates into loneliness
Somehow you feel cut off from the stream of love
And this is when you are with family during Christmas
Many of you are without family
And many of you are on their own
Feeling very isolated
And feeling very lonely
Especially during Christmas
This feeling is very strong, very present

And it’s a mirror
Because all it shows you is that there is pain inside of you
And a longing inside of you that you have not healed
That pain is there always
It’s not only there during Christmas
It gets amplified during Christmas
It gets very strong
And in your face
And undeniable
But if you are honest
That pain is always there
Only during Christmas you cannot deny it

And the only solution to deal with that pain
Is to heal it
If you feel disconnected from life
If you feel lonely
You are truly disconnected from you
From your stream of life
From your stream of love for yourself
And you can heal this
And we even suggest you should heal this
For you being in full connection with you
Is the greatest gift of all
So why not pursue it

So take this Christmas time as a mirror
And be with that level of pain
Or that level of loneliness that is there
And all you have to do is say out loud
I want to heal this
I want to heal my pain
I want to heal my longing
I want to heal my loneliness
I truly wish to heal this
For this is not who I am
And this is not how I am meant to be
And ask for help

Say out loud
Please help me to heal this pain
Please help me to heal this loneliness
Please help me to heal this disconnection from source energy
And please help me to heal this disconnection from my Essence
My true Inner Essence

And it all starts with saying out loud
Help me
Talk to the Universe and ask for help
And only if you do this then you will clear the path
To be helped
And to be healed

And if you do this daily
And you do this
Let’s say twenty, thirty times a day
Heal me
Help me
The Universe will help you
Will start to help you
Will start to bring new situations to you
New people
New insights
And you will slowly start to heal

Because you have opened yourself to healing
By actively saying out loud, please help me
Please help me
And help will be given
And help will be given if you say this daily
And say it as long as you feel lonely
And as long as you feel disconnected from source energy

We wish you a beautiful Christmas
Filled with love

This was my message
Thank you


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