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Loneliness is a mirror

Loneliness is a mirror

Today I would like to convey something about loneliness
For loneliness truly is an awful feeling
The feeling of being separated from self
The feeling of being separated from others
The feeling of being separated from love
Almost, the feeling of being separated from life itself

And truly, what loneliness is
It is the mirror of unhealed inner child layers
It is the loneliness of the little child,
Four years old, two years old, eight years old
It is a reflection of that loneliness
And of course you project that loneliness
On things like love
What I need to solve this loneliness is a lover
Somebody that loves me

So you project this feeling of loneliness
Upon another human being
Or upon an animal, a cat or a dog
And the other being is going to fulfill your need of being loved
But there is a much simpler way
There is a shortcut, if you wish
And that shortcut is to love your self

So instead of longing for somebody else to love you
Why not love your self
You are always available
The other one might never come
Or it might be the wrong one
Or it might be somebody that is unavailable
A pop star, an idol

So why not love yourself
You are always there, twenty-four seven
And truly, this feeling that you call loneliness
Or that appears as loneliness
Is truly a lack of being loved, in disguise
It mirrors your disconnection
Disconnection from self-love

So, self-love is the best medicine
It’s short and it’s sweet
But how do you do it?
You do the broad spectrum medicine
You close your eyes
You feel your self
And you breathe
And you just witness your breath
The rhythm of your breath
In and out

And of course if you are lonely and miserable
And you feel nauseous because you ate all the chips
And you ate all the chocolate in the world
You don’t want to close your eyes
And feel your breath
But trust me
It is the shortest way
And it’s even better if you can do it
Before you eat all the chocolate
Before you eat all the chips
Or whatever is available in the fridge

So, close your eyes
Feel your breath
Sit or lay comfortably
And just say to your self
I love you
I love you
I love you
I am sorry you have to feel this way
I am sorry you feel so lonely
I am sorry you feel so not loved
I love you
I love you

And as you say these words
An image of you as a younger child will appear
Maybe, seven or five or nine or even one
In a situation where you felt lonely as well
So this saying, I love you
And I am sorry that you are feeling this lonely
Will bring you an image of your younger you

And talk to this image
Connect with this image
Connect with your younger you
Connect by saying
I love you
I love you
I’m really sorry that you feel this lonely
I’m sorry you feel this sad

And try to even hold this child
To comfort this child
And stroke the child gently while saying, I love you
And let go
Let go
Let go of this feeling
Let go
I love you
Let go, it’s an old feeling
Let go
Let go
I love you
I love you
I really love you
And I am sorry you have to feel this way
I’m sorry this happened to you
Let go
Let go
I love you
I truly love you
I love you more than anything in the world
You are worthy
I love you

And by doing this, repeatedly and often
As often as you feel lonely
If you would do this as often as you feel lonely
You will notice that this feeling of loneliness
Will slowly disappear from your life

Because by doing this you are growing your self-love
Your love for self
You are healing the unhealed and lonely parts within you
The unhealed layers of your childhood
And it will strengthen you
And this need of somebody else loving you
In order for you to be whole
Will slowly disappear
And it will make your love life more healthy and more strong

Because you will, as an autonomous being, loving yourself
You are much more able to pick the right person
To attract the right person
And to love the right person back
Instead of being needy of somebody else’s love

This makes you vulnerable
And this gives you unhealthy relationships
Relationships out of neediness are not strong, are not healthy
That kind of love is a needy kind of love
It’s not a mature autonomous love

And the strongest love is the love of two people
That have healed themselves
That are not needy of somebody else’s love
Because they love themselves

If they meet
And if they start to love each other
There is equality
There is strength
There is autonomy
And there is room for true love
For soul connection even

So if you feel lonely
Skip the chocolate
Skip the chips
And start loving yourself


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