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Peace of mind

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What is lacking at this moment in your world
Is peace of mind
Humans in general do not have peace of mind
And from this comes inner turmoil
From this comes stress
And from this comes a lot of confusion

And we see this in your world accumulating
It seems as if the confusion is getting bigger and bigger
And all that is truly lacking is peace of mind
There is so much information coming at you
Through the media
Through TV
Through the internet
And a lot of this information is aimed at
Scaring you
Or misinforming you
Or pushing you in a direction
That pushes you away from inner peace
And peace of mind

And there is a few things you can do about it
If you wish
And the first thing
The most strongest thing you can do is
Close your eyes
Feel your feet
Feel your base, your first chakra
And go and find your breath
The basic steps for turning inwardly
Or as some of you call it, meditate
Meditation is nothing more than
Willfully connecting with your breath
Connecting with your base
With your grounding
With yourself
Connecting with your inner world
And this will give you peace of mind
This will give you inner silence
This will give you inner balance
This will give you calmness

And this is what you need
If you want to have peace of mind
If you want to disconnect yourself
From the noise of this world
If you want to disconnect yourself
From the stress
If you want to disconnect yourself
From the confusion and the inner turmoil

So if that is what you seek
If that is what you wish
Or if this is something that you want to try
See what difference it would make in your world
Go inside
Find yourself a quiet spot
Where you can be alone for a while
Where nobody will disturb you
Close your eyes
Feel your feet or your base chakra
Connecting to mother earth
And find your breath
And keep concentrating on your breath
Or it is better if I would say
Keep witnessing your breath
And instead of focusing on your mind
All you do is witness on the silence within you
Within your inner being
And let your breath carry you
Deeper and deeper and deeper into yourself
Into your silence
Into your timelessness

And if you do this ritual daily
For a prolonged period of months
You will start to notice a big difference
You will become more calm
More disconnected
And more connected to yourself
So disconnected from the world
The confusion
The turmoil
And connected to yourself
Try it
It will bring you happiness
You will greatly benefit from it

This was our message
Thank you

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