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Inner Safety

Inner Safety

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Today I would like to talk to you about inner safety
Feeling safe
Feeling at ease
Feeling at peace
But most of all, feeling safe

This is a state of being that many of you are lacking
And you are not always aware of this
If you are in a totally new situation
You will recognize it
For you will feel disconnected
Not at ease
In general, not safe
Because everything is new
New people
New habits

And the best way to deal with this
Is to connect with self
By closing your eyes and go inside
Willfully connect to mother earth
Willfully connect with your breath
And then willfully connect with your Essence
That layer in you that is timeless
That has always been there
And will always be there
That layer in you that is not your body
That is not your human form

And the minute you connect with that layer
There is silence
There is peace
There is stillness
There is knowing
There is wisdom
And there is timelessness
And there is connection with all that is
The minute you connect with that layer
You connect with all
You are connected with all
And this will give you a great sense of belonging
This will give you a great sense of being
Totally okay
And totally fine
And totally safe
In the now
For in that layer there is only now
There is no yesterday
There is no tomorrow
There is only now

And the big empty ocean of now
Is filled with connectedness
Is filled with peace
Is filled with oneness
And so you are connected
And that’s the easy part
The hard part is to stop yourself in your tracks
So you are in this new situation
You are feeling disconnected
You feel unsafe
Or whatever the feeling is that you are experiencing

And while you are in the middle of that experience
To stop yourself and to say
Hey, what I have to do now is
Connect with oneness
Connect with me being connected to my oneness
To the oneness
That takes awareness
That takes responsibility
That takes leadership
And yet it can be done
Many of you are willfully doing it

It is easier if connecting yourself willfully is a daily routine
If this is already a daily routine then this is even easier
And we highly suggest you make it a daily routine
Because then it will be automatically that you will be doing this
And if it’s not a daily habit
You will have to make a greater effort
To stop yourself
To silence yourself
And to go inside
And yet this is the best medicine
The best remedy against feeling overwhelmed
And uprooted

So we suggest you do this, try this
Try this at home
Try this in the bus stand
Try this while sitting in the bus
Or the tube
Or while sitting in the car
In a traffic jam
Sitting on the toilet
Sitting in a restaurant
You can do it anywhere you like
You can even do it with your eyes open

And if you are not that experienced
And if you don’t have that much exercise
Then close your eyes
Find yourself a place where you can close your eyes
And go inside
And all it takes for you to
Connect with mother earth
Connect with your breath
Connect with your self
With that layer in you
That you can call your soul
And then you are connected
Then you feel safe
Then you can tap into Happiness
Timelessness and Beauty

And we recommend it
And we wish it for you
To be happy always
To feel safe always

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

inner safety-mantra

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