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I choose inner peace

I choose inner peace

Today’s whisper is about peace
Inner peace
Peace of mind

It is an energy
A state of mind
But it is also a state that you can willfully reach
By calming yourself
By pacifying your feelings of turmoil
Your thoughts of turmoil
For thought and feeling
They are often in turmoil
You will recognize this

And how do you do that
Attain peace of mind
Attain inner peace
Attaining a pacified mind
And pacified emotions

The most simple and most easy way to do this
Is to close your eyes
And sit down
Do not lie down, sit down
And feel your feet

I have told you this many times
And I will repeat this many more times
For this is truly the easiest way to connect with mother earth
By feeling your feet on the surface beneath them

And now, you imagine the surface to be
Grass or sand or rock
And let your imagination run wild
Truly feel yourself standing on this grass
Or feel yourself standing on this sand
Or standing on this rock
And this is how you very simply connect with mother earth

The first step is, sit down and decide
I am going to do something about this turmoil
So that’s your first step
To sit down and to actively, willfully decide
This is going to stop now
Because I am going to stop this
End the cycle and circle of the dog trying to catch its own tail

So step one is, sit down
Step two, you close your eyes
Step three, you ground yourself to the surface of your liking
Step four, find your breath
And once you have found your breath
Follow your breath
Just by witnessing the natural flow of your breath
You do not have to do anything
You do not have to interfere
Just witness your breath

And by witnessing your breath
By being present with your breath
You will find that you are calming down already
Slowing down
Your breath will become more calm
Will become deeper
Will become relaxed
And you slowly start to relax
And sink deeper into your own self
Into your own being

And at some point you simply say these words
‘I choose peace of mind’
‘I choose inner peace’
‘I open up myself to peace’
‘To stillness’
‘To quietness’
‘I am relaxed’
‘I open myself towards calmness’
‘I am calm’
‘I am experiencing inner peace now’
‘I am experiencing a quiet mind now’
And repeat this
Repeat these sentences until they are true
Until you truly have reached that state
Until you truly have created that energy field around you
Because that is what you do
By saying these words
You tune into the reality of these words
And you create this reality around you
It is very very very simple

The peace of being at peace

This was my message
Thank you


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