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I am at Peace

I am at Peace

I am at peace
These are not merely words
They are a level of consciousness
They are an energy
They are a state of being

Four little words
That describe an entire universe
An entire realm
And you can picture it as a bubble
A bubble in which you reside
A bubble in which you are protected
A bubble in which you are being guided by us

And all you have to do is
To step into this energy field
Which you can picture as a bubble
But what it truly is, is an energy field
A field of consciousness
A field of vibration

And by saying these four little words
I am at peace
You shift your entire consciousness
You shift your entire reality
And you instantly open up yourself to this reality
Of being at peace

And all you have to do
Is then step into the vibrational field of peace
The vibrational level of peace
For peace has an exact vibrational pitch point
In your realm it is measured by hertz
A hertz frequency
And peace has a certain hertz frequency
A vibrational frequency
And all you do is you say

I am at peace
I am in peace
I am peaceful
I choose peace
I choose peacefulness
I am peace
I am surrounded by peace
I am vibrating peace
I reside in the realm of peace

These are all mantras you can use
To describe the realm you just chose
And you choose the one that resonates with you best
For the one that resonates with you best
Is the one that is for You
And use it
Use it whenever you are not at peace
Or whenever you want to consciously step into the realm of peace
For no particular reason
Just because you can
Just because you want to

For the realm of peace
The vibrational level of peace
Is very quiet and pleasant
And to reside in that bubble
And that reality
Is very calming
And soothing
And beneficial
And it is a shortcut to meditation
It is a shortcut to happiness

You can do it any time of the day
As many times as you like
Wherever you are
If you are in a meeting that is boring
Or that is challenging
You can sit quietly
Feel your feet
And say your personal mantra connected to peace

My personal mantra would be
I am peace
For that is what I truly am
But this is, of course, because I am already energy
For you there might be another one
So find your own mantra, vibrating your level of peace
And then say it inside yourself, softly
Whisper it inside yourself

You can do it with eyes open
You can do it with eyes closed
Nobody will notice
And even if they do
Who cares
You can do this
One time a day
Two times a day
One hundred times a day
If you wish to do so
There is no limit to the amount of times you can do this

And amidst the turmoil of daily life
Amidst the turmoil of this material world you are living in
You can tap into the frequency of peace
And this is very very very beneficial
It will calm your nervous system
It will calm your hormonal levels
It will reduce your stress levels
It will reduce your blood pressure
It will stimulate your happy hormones
It will stimulate your contentedness
Your gratefulness
Your happiness
It will stimulate your trust
Your surrender
It will strengthen you
Calm you
Soothe you
And it will heal you
On many many many levels
It will harmonize your chakras
It will optimize your chakras
It will clean your aura
And it will protect you against negative energy

And if there is negative energy that has entered your life
It will go away
For peace is a very very very powerful medicine
True peace is rare
And yet it is so easy to attain
You just have to choose it
And then let peace take over and do its work
On you
With you
Through you
For you

I am at peace
I am peaceful
I am peace
I choose peacefulness

Enjoy the energy and the vibration of peace
And forever
This is what we wish for you

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Peace - Mantra


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