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A daily anchor

A daily anchor

Today I have a message for those who seek spiritual growth
Who seek personal development
Who seek peace of mind
And who seek inner peace

For many of you do seek all this
And the secret is that you have a daily routine
That you can fall back on
Because that is exactly what it does
It’s like an anchor
Without an anchor the ship will never come to rest
Will never come to peace

So what you seeker truly need
Is an anchor
And a daily routine will give you this anchor
And I do not mean the daily routine of
Brushing your teeth or combing your hair
No, I mean a daily routine where you
Deliberately connect with your essence
And where you give us permission
To connect with your essence
So it is truly a collaboration between you and us

And who are we
We are non-physical helpers
This is in short the best we can describe ourselves
We are non-physical helpers
And we have many forms and shapes

We are energy
And we are supportive energy
Energy that loves you
That brings you healing
That brings you light
That brings you insight
That is true to your essence
And we love to help you
If you let us
And all you have to do is to ask us
‘Please help me’

Now, you might be used to praying to a god
Your god
That what you call god
And to be honest
It is all the same
Out there in the Universe
There is a tremendous energy of love and light
That you can tap into
And if you willfully, deliberately tap into that energy
Connect with that energy
Ask that energy to help you
The energy will help you

Now, all you have to do
We have said this many times before
And we will do it one more time
You sit or you lay down
You close your eyes
You can even do it standing up
Driving your car
If you have done it many times and
You really have a routine
You could do it while driving your car
But you’ll probably have more effect
And more result if you quietly sit down or lay down.
You close your eyes
You follow your breath

First you connect with mother earth
So you imagine you are standing on grass
On sand or on rock
Or you are walking on the shoreline
Where the water meets the beach
And after you have connected
Willfully connected with mother earth
You then find your breath
And you follow your breath
And your breath will eventually bring you
Deeper and deeper and deeper
To that area in yourself
Where there is timelessness
Where it is very quiet and very still
Somewhere around your solar plexus
Somewhere around your navel
It can be a bit above the navel

In that area, somewhere there
Is a layer within you that is timeless
It has been there long before you were born
And it will always be there
Long after you are gone and left this earth
It is your soul energy
It is your soul essence
And if you connect with that energy level within you
You are already quiet and relaxed
And this is your anchor

Most people that meditate
Try to quieten their head
And loosen their thoughts
But don’t worry
Don’t worry about the thoughts
Connect with the breath
And let the breath bring you
To this level we just talked about
Because all that matters is that you connect with your essence
And from there you will experience a peace of mind
A peace of feeling your emotion will quieten down
Your mind will quieten down
And we will connect with you
And we will, through your intuition
Give you insight and messages and healing and cleaning

And if you do this daily
Day in, day out
Year in year out
You will notice that your life will change
That you will change,
All for the better

And why is this
Because you have created
Or tapped into
An anchor
And your life without this anchor
Or your life with this anchor
Are two vastly different lives

The life with the anchor
Is so much more peaceful
And quiet
And loving
And happy

And the life without the anchor
That’s the life that most people live
There is worry
And there are mind farts
And there is so much restlessness and turmoil

And if you have made connection with this anchor
And daily make connection with this anchor
Over and over again
I do not say that you will not meet trouble
You will not meet challenges
Of course you do, you will
But everything, everything will become more easy
For you are not fighting life
But you are connecting to life
By connecting with your essence
You connect with life
And you connect with a life force that supports you

And this might sound strange to you
Or feel strange to you in the beginning
But ask
Simply ask, while you lay or you sit down
With your eyes closed
‘Teach me’
‘Show me’
‘Help me’
‘Teach me to connect with my essence’
‘Show me my essence’
‘Help me to connect with my essence’

And we will teach you
We will truly teach you
And help you
And guide you
You only have to show up and do the work
Daily do the work

And sometimes of course, you are only human
You will skip
And you will immediately feel the difference
Between a, so to speak, connected day
And an unconnected day

Try it
Don’t try it for a week
Don’t try it for a month
Try it at least for a year
And you will experience the difference
It will make in your life

This was our message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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