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About Balance

About Balance

Today I would like to talk to you about balance
For balance is a state of mind
A state of focus
Needed if you want to reach your goal

For instance
You have this new job and it needs all your attention
You are totally focused on the job
You go there in the morning
You come home in the evening
And you are totally submerged in your job
It takes all your energy
It takes all your attention
You like the job
And you like to make the best of it
You like to really, really really prove yourself and prove to others
I can do this
This is my job
It’s important to me

And you are so focused on this job
That you forget about your family
You forget about your friends
Because simply, you do not have time for them
You forget about your wife
You forget about your kids
Not really
Not really, you do not forget about your wife and your kids
Or your partner and your kids because they are there
But your heart and your attention is not in the home
It is in the job

Now, if this goes on for one week, for two weeks, for three weeks, for four weeks
They will accept this because they love you and they understand
But if this goes on for two months, three months, half a year, a year, ten years
You will lose their love
You will lose your partner
She will divorce you
And she will take the kids with her or he will take the kids with him
And you will lose your family
Why, because you did not divide your attention
You did not divide your love
Between the worlds
Between the different worlds
So there was no balance
There was only focus on the job

So, of course you know this
Of course you heard this
But if it happens to you
If you have to balance all these different balls
And throw them in the air
And hold them up in the air
It is a challenge

It is a challenge to give everything the same amount of attention
Or let me put it this way
The amount of attention it needs
Your partner, your wife, your husband
They need a certain amount of attention
But it is not only attention
It has to be genuine
It has to be fulfilling
It has to be custom made
So that’s an art in itself
Same with your children, they need attention, custom made
So you have to really be there with them

And then your job
You need special attention there, custom made
To be in the moment
To be exactly there where you have to be
And divide all that attention between the different areas
And different realms
And different fields

There is one thing that would help you tremendously
If you would do that on a daily basis
Before you go to work, meditate
Sit down quietly
Feel your breath
Or lay down quietly, whatever you feel comfortable with
You lay down and you fall asleep, sit down, don’t lay
And if lying down relaxes you more, lay down

So what you do is, you meditate
And you draw into this meditation your work
And then from a relaxed state, a Zen state, a meditative state
You actually unfocus on your work
You just look into your job and you ask yourself
What is it that my job needs from me today
What is important
What should I address
What should I focus on
What should I work with

And something will pop up
And it will be something that you would not have thought of
Would you not have asked that question in a meditative state
So that is what meditation does
It relaxes you
It opens your subconscious and your higher conscious and your intuition
And you get an answer you would not have gotten if you did not meditate
And then the job is finished and you take another subject

While you are meditating, you meditate on your partner
Your wife or your husband
And you ask in your meditation
What is it that he or she needs from me today
What attitude
What word
What action
What energy
What does he or she need from you

And then maybe the answer is
Hold them more
Hold her tenderly
Tell him you love him
Or ask the question, how are you
How are you feeling
Are you alright

That question asked at the right moment
From the right area within yourself
From a space of love
While holding the other one tenderly
It can be so beneficial
It can be so healing
The other one might even start to burst out in crying
Because he or she is filled to the brim with stress and emotion
And they just need your shoulder
They just need you to be there for them

So in a meditative state you will get that answer very clearly
And all you have to do is act upon that what you get and receive
Same with your children
If you have one child, two children, three children
One by one, ask yourself
What does John needs from me today

And what John needs is that you sit with him while he is in his room
And you just sit there and hang out with him
And watch TV with him
Have fun with him, make jokes
Maybe twenty minutes
Maybe half an hour
Just be there together

And then Mary, your daughter
What does she need
That you have a walk together
And that you have a talk together while you walk
Because she has this problem and it’s taking up her emotion
She is in turmoil, a little bit
And she needs just to talk about it
And because you provide time and space and a listening ear
She can open up and then, oh yeah, she can release

And all this can be done if you focus upon it
If you balance it
But take it with you in meditation
And you can do this for every subject in your life
And you can do this
Not one day, not two days, not one week, not one month
Try it for a year
Every day, even on Sundays
Go into meditation

And sometimes you are ready in ten minutes
And sometimes you are ready in fifteen minutes
So incorporate that within your daily routine
Before you get up, first meditate
And take all these realms that are important to you
And that you have to balance in your life
Take them into the meditation
And subject by subject you ask, what do you need from me today

And you will get clear answers
And you will get better at this
Open your intuition
Open your higher consciousness
Open your sub-consciousness
And they will all work together and give you the right answer
And all you have to do is take the answer on face value
And follow up, upon the answer

And yes, of course, sometimes you do not like what you hear
So you start to argue with the answer
And then you are going to do it your way anyway
Because you are stubborn
And then you fail
So you will learn that following the guidance you get
Is the easiest way but it takes awhile before you get that
But your intuition has patience and it will patiently wait
Until you are ready to hear what is said
And then to act upon what is said

Try it
It will bring you peace of mind
It will bring you balance
And it will bring you happiness and love and contentment
And this is truly what we wish for you

This was my message
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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