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The Journey Back Home

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Today I would like to talk to you about the journey back home
For in this world where so many people are confused
And separated from self
And separated from source
It is important that I will tell them this message today

The journey back home
Meaning the journey back to who you truly are
Starts always by closing your eyes
And go inwardly
Go inside of yourself
And, of course, a lot of people do meditation
And that is exactly what is wrong with meditation
In fact there is nothing wrong with meditation
Of course not
But the minute you are ‘doing’ meditation
Then you are not meditating
But you are doing
It’s a distinct difference

To ‘be’ meditation is something completely different
Than to ‘do’ meditation
And a lot of people do meditation willfully from the mind
Force themselves to sit down
Force themselves to quieting their mind
And this will truly bring you nothing but an exercise in willfulness
And of course you have will power
Of course you have the ability to do this every day
Half an hour
An hour
And here you sit in your special place
With your eyes closed
‘Doing’ mediation

There is another way
And that is by simply closing your eyes
It’s very simple
It’s where it all starts
Close your eyes
And then you connect to your feet
So you can even sit on a chair
You can even lay down on your bed
You can, of course, sit with your legs crossed
In the traditional meditation position
To be honest, it all doesn’t matter
Whatever suits you best
Whatever is fine for you is fine for the meditation
And then after you have grounded yourself
So you are connected to mother earth
And it doesn’t really matter
Whether you are sitting on top of a skyscraper
Or whether you are sitting on the beach
Through the walls and the structure of this skyscraper
You can also connect to mother earth
For it is resting on mother earth
And you are resting on the skyscraper
So in the end you are resting on mother earth
Elevated but still connected to mother earth
You are not floating in space

And once you have connected yourself
You have grounded yourself
You start to breathe
Or you were already breathing
But what you do now is
You witness your breath
And there is nothing you have to do
You don’t have to make an effort
Just follow and witness
The natural rhythm of your breath
In and out
And up and down
And let your breath take you inside
Because your breath will slow down
Will become deeper and fuller

So your attention, your awareness
Will go down and will become deeper
And will calm down
And then you will, at some point
Start to feel emotions
Either sadness or anxiety
Nervousness, happiness, anger
Your thoughts are running wild
The monkey mind does its thing
And with the mind running wild comes the emotion

And salute your emotion
Welcome your emotion
Whichever one it is
If it is anger
Welcome that emotion
And look at that emotion
And go into that emotion
And find the reality behind that emotion
For it is there for a reason
The sadness
The anger
The joy
The loneliness
The feeling of disconnectedness
Feeling disconnected
It is there for a reason

And let the reason why come to you
On its own course
Of course you can ask what is the reason
What’s the origin of my anger?
You can ask
And then there will come an answer
And believe and work with that answer on face value
Don’t question the answer
Even if you feel or think that it is you that is answering
It doesn’t matter
Work with the answer
And if there is another answer behind that answer
Then work with that answer
And these are the first few steps
Towards the journey back home

The only way to get out of the trap
Of feeling separated from self
And separated from source is to go inside
To make the journey back home
That is your only solution
Your only way
Your only path

If you ever want to find out who you truly are
Who you really are
And why you are the way you are
And why you feel the way you feel
You have to make this journey back home
Make the journey to your inside
The inward journey
And this is all there is to it

And this is also how difficult it is
For many of you keep searching on the outside
For answers
For solutions
To be saved
To be helped
To be guided
But you will never find it on the outside
Or maybe temporary
Yes you will
But if you really want to make
An everlasting connection with yourself
You have to make the journey back home
You have to make the journey to your inside

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Journey back Home - Mantra

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