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Connect with Your Essence

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Those who are following these whispers for a while
Do know that we lay much emphasis on
Going inside
Connecting with self
And connecting with source
And why is that
Why do we put so much emphasis on that journey?
That inner journey
That journey inwardly
Why do we do that?

For it is the most easy and the quickest way
To reconnect yourself with truth
Many, many, many of you try to connect with truth
Through their mind, their brain
Smart people try to connect with truth
Through their brain
They study science
They study in universities
And they lay great emphasis on the superiority of the brain

And there is great advantage
In being able to use the brain
But if you as a human forget to make the journey inwardly
And explore your emotions
Explore your feelings
And become familiar with your feelings
And become familiar with your emotions
There is no balance there

And the same counts for people
That only lay emphasis on their emotions and their feelings
They tend to forget about reasoning
And they tend to forget about common sense
And there is no balance there either
So the truly awakened human
Is balancing both the brain and the emotion
Spirit, mind, and emotion
And for those who are afraid to explore their emotions
To explore themselves
To explore their inner world
Those, we invite to make the journey inwardly
For there is great reward there
To know oneself
To explore one’s depth
To meet one’s essence
It is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself
If not THE greatest gift

So this is why you hear in these whispers all the time
Close your eyes
Feel your feet
Feel your body
And connect with your breath
By observing your breath
And then let your breath take you inward
Deeper, and deeper, and deeper
Until you meet silence
Until you meet your essence
Until you meet your soul

And this is not an exercise only
This is truth
This is exploring a part of you
That you up until now have not explored before
So this is an invitation
So these whispers are an invitation
They invite you to explore your inner world
And to become more balanced within yourself
And to be more happy and content
And healed within yourself
For it will make you a richer human being
It will make you a more complete human being
And it will make you a more content and fulfilled human being
And this is what we wish for you

Thank you
This was our message

The MANTRA for today is:

Connect with essence - Mantra

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