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About Work

About Work

Good day, I would like to talk to you about work

If you are in a job right now
And not enjoying what you are doing
Then you are truly wasting your life
Don’t do that

The first thing you do is
You close your eyes
And you ask yourself
What would it be that I would like to do

If I could dream big
Without limits
When there is nothing that would stop me
What would I like to do
What would I love to do
What would give me joy and pleasure

And don’t be afraid to dream really BIG
So if you are working in a supermarket right now
And you want to be a world traveller
You want to see the world and travel the world
Then that’s your dream
You want to travel the world

Now, to call this dream into existence
Because that is what you do
If you use the following technique
You will ‘Call the dream into existence’

So you keep doing your job
The one you do not like
But while you are doing the job
You are dreaming about your dream
Whatever the dream is
And then you have to use a sentence
Where you say
I follow my dream of becoming so and so
Or I follow my dream of doing so and so
That is one affirmation
I am following my dream

And another affirmation you’ll say
I call my dream of doing so and so
And being so and so
I call my dream of ta ta ta ta ta
Into existence

And you say this 100 times a day
200 times a day
I call my dream of becoming a
Cruise-ship-captain into existence
I follow my dream
I dream big

And what will happen by doing that
Is that your perspective shifts
From being captured, confined
In this job you don’t like
In this small little prison
Which you call a job
Your perspective will open up
And your perspective will shift

So instead of you only seeing the impossibility
Of having another life
And doing something else with your life
But doing this lousy job you don’t like

You open up your perspective of
Hey, so there are different possibilities

And these possibilities are there for me
Because that is what you tell yourself every day
I dream
I call my dream of being a, whatever
Into existence
So the dream slowly enters your life
It seeps through the cracks

And you start to see books about the subject
You’ll meet people talking to you about the subject
You’ll see T.V. shows about the subject
You’ll hear people talking on the radio about the subject
Suddenly you will see Facebook groups on the subject
And you’ll befriend new people on Facebook
Who actually are doing what you want to do

And slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly around you
You build up a reality of you being connected with that dream
And you call that dream more and more
You pull that dream, if you wish
More and more into your existence
And then suddenly you will change job
Because there opens up opportunity
Which is almost, already, half way up your dream

It’s an opportunity and, you know
If you want to become, say a cruise ship captain
Suddenly there is a, well, it’s a job on a cruise ship
You can be a purser or, whatever, you know
Something will open up that will bring you closer to
The manifestation of your dream

And all you have to do is say yes
And follow the possibilities
And follow the signs
Because you will get…
The universe will give you little pearls
Will give you little gifts
And will give you little encouragements
And all you have to do is say yes
Oh, that’s an opportunity
I can see that opportunity being connected
With my big dream

And sometimes it’s not logical
Sometimes it looks as if there is no connection
But there is
And it’s an opportunity
So any opportunity that opens up for you
Say yes to it
And that opportunity, by saying yes to that opportunity
You will open up to the next step
And the next step, and the next step
Until finally you call your dream into existence
You manifested your dream in your life

This is how it works
It begins by
It all starts by
Stating your dream out loud
Saying what you want to become
Saying what you want to reach
Saying what you want to accomplish

State it
Say it
And then call it into existence
And it might be a process of one year, two years
Maybe even ten years
There are people who need time
And there are dreams that need time
Some dreams are pretty big
But don’t be afraid to dream big
If you have a big dream
Call the big dream into existence
Manifest your big dream

But you have to do the work
And you have to take the steps
And you have to say yes to the opportunities
That arise from you opening up towards that dream

Try it
You will love it
And the job you are doing right now
Don’t worry about it
It will all go away
It will all pass

Go and dream big
Go and manifest your dreams
Go and do the work for it


This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Work - Mantra


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