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You are surrounded by healing energy

You are surrounded by healing energy

Whether it is a reality for you or not
You are surrounded by healing energy
If you wish
If that is what you wish
If that is what you ask for
And what you open yourself to
And what you tap into
There is this dimension of healing entities
That are there for you
To heal you
All you have to do is ask

So if you go through difficulties in your life
Or you go through sickness
Or you go through emotional upheaval
Usually what we do is, we fight
We don’t want it
We don’t want to feel uncomfortable
We don’t want to be sick
We don’t want to be in turmoil
Please let this get over with soon
Let this go away soon, please, now
Please, now, let’s take a pill
Let’s take some aspirin or something else
And make this go away

But on a more subtle level
There are healing entities that surround you, like I said
And if you close your eyes
And you connect with these healing entities
Whether you know them or not
And whether you feel that they are there or not
It does not matter
By closing your eyes and calling them forth
They will come
Whether you see it or not
Whether you feel it or not
There are healing entities in this universe
Angels, and many more

Of course we all have heard about the concept of angels
Some of us have seen angels
And some of us read books about angels
And believe in angels
But they are truly there
They are healing entities
They are there to help you
But there are many many many more
There are many more
Angels are one species, one entity, of healing energy

So you close your eyes and you tap into this realm
This dimension
This energy of healing entities
And you call them forth
And you’ll say, please help me
Help me and heal me
And carry me for a while
For I am at this moment not capable of carrying myself
I hurt
I feel tired
I am in turmoil
I surrender
I lay down
I have a sleep and I surrender
For I am not able to do it myself at this moment
I’m weary
I’m tired
I’m exhausted
I feel weak and I surrender

I surrender myself to your healing power
To your healing dimension
And please
Carry me
Heal me
Help me

These are words you can say
Simple words
And then you do surrender
Have a rest
Have a sleep
Have a quiet walk
Read a book
Or just sit still and think
Or just lay down and listen to music
Or lay down and sleep
Whatever is good for you
Do that
Do just that

And of course you are busy
And you have responsibilities
And there is no way you can do that
You can allow yourself to have a moment for yourself
If that is so the more you need it
You need it even more so
So please, take time for yourself
And if you feel like, close your curtains
And lay still
And let the healing entities do their work with you
Upon you

And you have to do nothing
You have to do nothing but to believe it
Ask for it, believe it
And then it will be done upon you
And the next day
Or the day after the next day
You will feel better
You will start to feel better
Try it

It’s very simple
And yet for some of you
it’s very hard to surrender
To ask, to let go, to trust
And to just give into the feeling of not being capable at this moment
It is a feeling not many of you allow yourself
And yet it’s a very human feeling
Every now and then we all have this feeling
Brief or long, it does not matter
You are only human
And in these moments do not suffer on your own
But ask for help
And help shall be given
Whether you believe it or not
And whether you can sense it or not
It even doesn’t matter
Just try it
Give it a try
See if it works for you

This was my message

Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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