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We focus on understanding and healing

We focus on understanding and healing

Today we would like to reveal ourselves
We would like to talk to you about who we are

We who send these whispers to you
We are a group, a tribe, so to speak, of spirits
Now, what does that mean
We consist of Archangels, Angels, Shamans, Power Animals
Guides and Ascended masters both female and male
We are part of a group of spiritual brothers and spiritual sisters
Together we are a colorful group of spiritual beings

Living in other dimensions
Working mainly with energy
With the energy of wisdom
Of knowledge
Of love
Of light
And we focus on understanding and healing
And we work together

We work with the healing consciousness and
ancient knowledge of selected indigenous peoples
from various parts of your earth
We work through the people that bring the Whispers to you
We work through them
They are channels for our message

We work together on a daily basis
Very intensively
For we have no limit of giving
It is our task
It is our DNA, so to speak
To give and to be of service
For those that seek all that we have to give

We are here for the greater good of mankind
And that is what these Whispers are for
They are for the greater good of mankind
To teach
To heal
To show
To stimulate you
To travel inside of you

Go and make the journey
To the depths of your being
Discover your essence
Free your essence
Free yourself
And heal yourself from past wounds
And free yourself in the now

And we are here for all of you
For all of you that want to listen
That want to learn
That want to heal
That want to grow
And we enjoy doing this
We enjoy being there for you
Being here
We enjoy this
And we hope you enjoy it too
And those that are drawn towards the Whispers
Will benefit from the Whispers
For they are channeled knowledge
Channeled wisdom
And channeled healing energy

This is who we are
And this is what we do

And this was our message for today
Thank you

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

❥ Whispers are transformative channelings we receive from our Spirit Tribe. Whispers teach knowledge that invites you to align with Self & Source and awakens you to the inner calling of your Essence.

These Whispers Love to be shared, so please share them with your friends! Love, Light, Knowledge & Wisdom are much needed right now, by many in this confused world.

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