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Radical Self-Healing

Radical Self-Healing

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And to say I love you to an unhealed emotion
That comes up, for instance
Let’s say you feel lonely
And what we usually tend to do when we are lonely
It’s a very uncomfortable feeling
So we tend to push that feeling away
We either start to eat chocolate or chips or we binge and
Well, you know, we start eating ice-cream
A lot of people do
Or people use drugs
They smoke a joint
Or they take a sniff
Or they have a beer, and another beer
Or whisky or wine or whatever
So, what we tend to do is numb that uncomfortable feeling of
In this case, loneliness

And the thing is
By trying to avoid it
By trying to ignore it
It never goes away
And it certainly never heals
But the minute you become quiet
So, let’s say you are feeling lonely
And you can stop yourself
And you start to sit down comfortably
And close your eyes
And start to breathe
And feel your feet
And do all the steps to become quiet
And then you let that feeling of loneliness
Or sadness
Or whatever is present that is uncomfortable
You let that feeling surface
And let it be

Just look at it
You might even start to cry
There might be some release
Or it becomes really big and heavy and uncomfortable
And then you simply say
Welcome loneliness
Or welcome sadness
Or welcome emptiness
Or welcome hopelessness
I love you
I do love you

And I can see your loneliness
I can see your sorrow
I can see your emptiness
I can see your lost-ness
I can see you are separated from source energy
I can see how you are separated from light
How you are separated from love
I am sorry that you are feeling so lost and so lonely
And so sad and so empty
Whatever the feeling is
I am sorry that you have to feel this way
And I am sorry you feel so separated from source energy
And I wish for you that you reconnect with love and light
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I truly do love you very very very much
I love you

And see what happens to your breath
You might inhale extra deeply
You might exhale sharply
There might be an exhalation of relief, of release
And go with the breath
And observe the feeling
And if there is still more loneliness
Say it again, I love you
I truly and deeply love you
Dear loneliness, please come to me
Come to me and reconnect with wholeness
Reconnect with love
Reconnect with light
Reconnect with source energy
I am so sorry that you feel so separated from love and light
I love you
I truly dearly love you and you are very welcome in my life

So all these lost dark parts in you
Instead of pushing them away and denying them
Invite them
Whenever they show their face or show their presence
Embrace them
Invite them
And tell them how much you love them
And how much you feel sorry for them being separated
Being separated and disconnected from source energy
And invite them to reconnect with love
With source energy
With light
Embrace them
Welcome them in your realm, in your world
And help us to heal them

So not only do you welcome your lost parts
The lonely lost parts in you
But you also ask us to heal that part
To help you heal that part in you
So that is a two-step way really
First of all you invite the lost part
The part that feels so separated from source energy
And that manifests itself as loneliness
As sadness
As hopelessness
It can have many many faces
It can have so many faces
It has many faces

And all you have to do whenever one is present
Whichever one it is
Invite it into your realm, into your life
Say, come loneliness come
You are welcome in my life
I love you
I am so happy and so glad that you show yourself to me
For you to heal yourself through me
I love you
And I feel very sorry
I’m very sorry that you have to feel this disconnected

And once you have done that
And once you have loved and shown your love
You do this over and over again
You can work with this feeling for let’s say
Half an hour, one hour
It doesn’t have to be one minute or five minutes
It can be really intense and a long time
And eventually you will notice that the feeling is going away
Slowly drifts away
It slowly drifts out of your realm
And once that is the case
Then you asks us
And please help me to heal this part of me that was lost
That felt so lonely
Whatever remnants there is in me
In my cell memory
That needs to be healed and cleaned
Please heal and clean that

And we will do just that
For to us it is important that you heal yourself
And that you are happy
We love you
We love you
We truly do
And it gives us great joy
When you heal yourself
And love yourself
And when love and light come into your life
And your heart
And your vibrational field
More and more and more

So, the three words
I Love You
That’s the super mantra for radical self-healing
And this is what we wish for all of you
Radical self-healing

This was my message
Thank you

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radical self healing -mantra

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