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Ignite your self-healing ability

Ignite your self-healing ability

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So today I would like to talk to you about your self-healing ability
Igniting your self-healing ability

And on its own this is already a beautiful mantra
Today I open myself to my self-healing ability
Or today I ignite my self-healing ability
It’s very powerful
A very powerful mantra

And what exactly is your self-healing ability?
Let us tell you.
Each and every one of you has the ability to heal yourself
And not only heal yourself
From past wounding, childhood trauma
But also heal yourself from the physical ailments
That eventually start to manifest themselves
From these traumas
Because a lot of physical ailments
Sickness, illness
For instance cancer
Or diabetes
Or heart attacks
Or brain attacks
There is a lot of illnesses
Modern man illnesses
That are that are related and connected
To childhood memory
And childhood trauma
To your unhealed layers

And there are a few steps
That you can already do
And start doing today
To ignite your self- healing ability
The first one is to start to become quiet
And leave the world of stress that you are living in
And that is living in you
To leave that behind you, willfully
So we suggest meditation
And if you are not used to meditate
Use this simple form

Just go and sit somewhere, relaxed
Make sure nobody will disturb you
Close your eyes
Feel your feet
And connect them in your mind’s eye
To mother earth
And also connect your base chakra
Your root chakra
Your pelvis area, willfully
To mother earth
So imagine you draw an energy line
That connects to mother earth
And if you live on the ground floor
And you have a garden
Go and do this in your garden
With your bare feet on the grass
If you live close to the beach
Go and do it on the beach
And if you live in a flat somewhere
Fifteen high, 15th floor
Do it there
But you can still connect to mother earth
And then you connect to your breath
And you just follow the natural rhythm of your breath
You don’t have to do anything
Witness the breath

And this will bring you deeper into yourself
Into the quietness and the nothingness of now
And that is the first step
You doing mediation
And you do it daily
And from that nothingness you connect with us
You ask us to connect with you
You ask us to come into your life actively
And you ask us for help
And you do this daily
That’s the first step
This is how you ignite your self-healing capacity
Your self-healing ability

And another important step
That you can start taking today is
Start to move your body
Start to move your limbs
Either by starting to walk
Long walks, an hour or more
Preferably in nature or in a park
Start to do Yoga
Or start to go to a gym
Start to swim
Choose any movement
Where you use your whole body
And if you like you can even start running
But start moving your body
That’s another big step in igniting your self-healing ability

And the third step is start changing the food you eat
Skip the meat
And start to eat more raw vegetables
More fruits,
Less dairy products
If you like fish, raw fish
Eat fish
Start to eat less fried food, oily food
Start to skip gluten, etc. etc
Very important, the food you take
Because you can ignite your self-healing ability
By eating yourself healthy
So it is meditation
It is movement
And it is the food you take

These are the three big steps
They are do-able
And then you start to go to
The finer layers within you
You start with observing the way you think
You start with observing the way you speak
You speak about yourself
You speak about others
And from that you start to heal
You start to heal your self-hatred
You self-loathing
Your negative self-talk
You start to heal your old childhood trauma
Your old childhood wounding
And eventually you will start to see
How that old wounding relates to your level of stress
To the way you eat
To the way you don’t move
To the way you are drawn back
And sucked back into the past
By unhealed childhood layers

And this a process
This is the process of starting to ignite
Your self-healing ability
Your self-healing capacity
And all of you
Each and every one of you has this capacity
Cut down smoking
Cut down alcohol intake

And we realize
You are young
You are wild
If you are young, if you are wild
And you have no time for all this bull shit
About not smoking
And not taking drugs
And not taking alcohol
Because you want to live life to the max
So enjoy your life
Don’t listen to us

But if you are at a point in your life
Where you are ready to
Hear this
And apply this
And work with this
These are the steps
Start to eat healthy food
Start to heal the old layers
Start to heal the negative self-image
The negative self-talk
Start to heal YOU

And the next step is
Start to connect with your life purpose
Start to bring into realization
That part of your soul
That wants to be expressed in this lifetime
This is what you came here for unto this earth
And this is your ultimate task
To live your life purpose
And many of you will ask
What is my life purpose?
And we’ll tell you
The minute you start to walk the path
Like we described it to you just now
Eventually at some point
You will start to connect with your life purpose
Almost automatically

And you can speed up this process by working with us
Once you have connected to us
And we have connected to you
And you have given us permission to be there for you
And to work with you
You can easily ask us
Connect me to my life’s purpose
Help me to find and to connect with my life’s purpose
And we will
We will show you in many different ways
What your life purpose is
What you came here for
What you came here to do
And this is how you ignite your self-healing ability
And you can do it
If you wish to do it
You can do it
And if you wish it
This is the way

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

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