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The healing sounds

The healing sounds

Many of their songs are in fact healing mantras
And in these healing channelings
You will hear different sounds
Low pitched
High pitched
Or sometimes deformed
And there is sometimes only words
Sometimes only vowels
Sometimes it’s more like a song
Sometimes there is a whistle
Sometimes there is wind

All these sounds
Work on your vibrational field
Work on your cellular field
Work on your chakras
Work on your aura
Work on your cell memory
So healing codes are being downloaded
Through these sounds
And that’s why these channelings are called healing channelings

And another thing the ancient tribes knew was
Sound and movement combined gives even more healing
Deeper healing
Fuller healing
And that’s why in these healing channelings
You often see movement
Movement of hands
Rhythmical movement of hands
Hands clapping

So all these combined
Create the healing energy
And through the channelings
Through these healing channelings
The ancient ones come
The knowledge and the wisdom
Of the ancient earth tribes comes through
And is being downloaded in the healing channeling
Combined with the words that we convey
So to even add another layer of healing
Not only the sounds
Not only the movement
But also the words
And the combination of these three vibrations
Makes a very strong and powerful healing grid
So to speak

And the energy loaded into these healing channelings
Will be there forever
As long as you listen to the sound
So every time you listen to the sound anew
You immediately will feel and receive
The healing energy of the channeling

You can listen to this channeling
One time
Two times
Many times
And each time it will heal another layer within you
So yes, it’s very beneficial

And if you are the intellectual type
You most probably will not feel much in the beginning
Maybe these healing channelings will not do much for you
Or seem not to do much for you
But the energy will take its course
And will do its work
So the more you listen to a particular healing channeling
The deeper it will go
The more it will expand
And the more effects you may notice
From this healing channeling

So we stimulate you to
We encourage you to
Listen to a particular healing channeling you like
Or that calls you
Because sometimes a healing channeling calls you
And says, listen to me
Listen to me
And we encourage you to then start listening
To this particular healing channeling
Because obviously it is for you
There is something there that you need
That is beneficial for you

So let that healing energy come to you
And do its work on you
On your energy field
On your DNA structure
On your cellular structure
On your chakras
Your aura
On your vibrational level
Your personal vibrational level
All these levels
And all these layers are being cleaned
And healed
And optimized

This is what these healing channelings are for
And this is what we wanted to tell you today

Thank you
This was our message

The MANTRA for today is:

Healing Sounds - Mantra


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