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Activate your self-healing capacity

Activate your self-healing capacity

Today we would like to talk about your need and your capacity
For healing yourself

For only if you turn on the switch
You turn the switch from consuming
To executing
And by executing we mean
To put into action

Many of you are taking lessons
And taking insights
And taking information in
On the level of contemplation
On the level of intellect
You are curious
You are learning
You are open to input
So you learn about astrology
You learn about Tarot
You learn about transformation
You follow masters
You follow teachers
You read books
You watch movies
You watch videos
And you form an opinion
And you gain even expert knowledge
But this is all still on the level of the intellect

Of course you also start to do some meditation
Some yoga
Some breath work
Some breathing
You will start to do some tantra
Some ayahuasca
Some goddess dancing
Some belly dancing
Some Ayurvedic massage
Some painting
Some whatever

You take courses and you learn about
Healing techniques
You do bar sessions
You do hypnosis
You do many things
And all on a level of taking in knowledge
And taking in information
And this is good
This is how you learn
How you accumulate knowledge
Even accumulate insight

But for each of you there comes a point
In time and space
Where you need to flip the switch
And start to put all that what you have accumulated
Into a daily practice of healing yourself
So you have to apply all this knowledge
Apply all these insights
And to work with them

For if you do not daily work with them
If you do not develop a daily practice where you
Bring that what you have learnt into action
You don’t bring it into a deeper level of feeling
Going through the emotions
Work with the emotions
Work with the knowledge
What does it actually bring you
What does it actually change in you
What does it actually establish within you
If you don’t do that on a daily basis
All this knowledge means not so much
It’s only knowledge

At some point you have to connect the knowledge with
Real life transformation
And if I say a daily practice
I do not mean mechanically listening
To a meditation every day
Or mechanically do Buddhist chanting every day
You mechanically do yoga positions every day
Postures, no
There is nothing mechanical about what I am talking about
This whole thing of doing things mechanically
Because that is how you learned it
And that is how you execute it
And that is how you bring it into practice
This is actually a waste of your time

If you learn, for instance, about tapping
Emotional Freedom Technique you call it
This is meridian tapping
You tap on certain acupressure points
And this releases your system from
Cellular memory
And it is truly a magnificent tool
Very simple and very very very effective
And very beneficial
But only if you apply it in the now
On the level of face value
Where you are now with your emotions

If you have a lot of anxiety in your life right now
Because you lost your job and you are afraid
Of the future
You don’t sleep at night
You feel worried
You hit upon a very basic fear within yourself
The fear of dying
Existential fear that you reached
And hit upon in yourself
Now if you do this tapping business everyday
And you do not bring into the tapping this
Existential fear
All you do is tap on what?
If you only tap on your mother
Or you tap on your children
Or you tap on your whatever
It doesn’t mean a thing
You have to truly bring that which is present
In your now, into the tapping

The same with meditation
If you only meditate on love and light
And deny all the fear, anger and the anxiety
Within you
This whole meditation business
Even if you do it three hours a day
It does not mean a thing

Meditate on the fear
Let the fear come up and overwhelm you
And sweep you off your feet
And drag you down the rabbit hole
And meet the fear at the pit
At the bottomless pit of your endless fear
And there at the bottom where it’s dark and gloomy
And there is despair
And there is really this fear for dying
That’s where the gold is
That’s where the diamonds are
If you only meditate on love and light
And you deny that dark dark dark fear within you
It means nothing
It’s a feel good movie that you are looking at
You might as well watch a TV show
You call it meditation but it is
Truly only a feel good movie you are watching

So to switch on your self- healing capacity means
You take this tool
Whatever tool it is that you have learnt
And apply it on your real emotions
Don’t use it as a tool for your reality
A trick
A quick fix
A tool in order to fix your life
Or fix your feelings
Or fix your emotions
Or fix your thoughts
It will not work
It will work for a while
And then it is only a shallow empty tool
And it really doesn’t matter if you go vegan
Or if you do tantra
Or you do whatever
It doesn’t mean a thing if you use it
As a means of denying your reality

No, work with your real true emotions
Your Panic
Your anxiety
Your darkness
Your loneliness
Your whatever-ness
That in you
Which is afraid of the light
Which is afraid of the love
Which is not being loved
Which does not feel it is being loved
There are many parts like that within you
You are only human

Use this daily practice
These self healing techniques you are working with
To bring all that in you
That is afraid of love
That is afraid of life
To the surface
And bring it to the light
And bring it to the love
In that way you truly heal yourself
In that way you truly transform your life

It takes courage
It takes perseverance
And yes, it takes daily practice
It also takes honesty
You have to be honest to yourself
What do I feel
Truly feel at this moment
Learn to feel your true feelings
Learn to let them be and bring them in
Don’t run away from them
Don’t deny them

If you do that
In your daily practice
Your life will change for the better
Don’t do it for a day
Don’t do it for a week
Don’t do it for a month
Do it for a year
Do it forever
You will be amazed

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Self_Healing Capicity - Mantra


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