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About the healing process we bring you

About the healing process we bring you

Today I would like to talk to you about the healing process
We bring you healing through these Whispers

And how does this work
For you to benefit from it fully
You see, every time you meditate
And you ask us for help on a matter
You open up yourself to receiving help
And we will help you in many ways

One of the ways is to work on your energy
To work on your energy field
So to clean and to clear unhealthy patterns in you
To clean old cell memory, old DNA memory
Old energy that is residing in your energy field
And we do this very gently and very slowly
For if we do it too fast or too quick
You will be in so much turmoil
That you cannot live your normal life
So we will always bring this process and work on you
On a custom made level
We will do what you can handle
So we always have your best interest in mind

But not only do we work on your energy field
We also work on your belief systems
The imprints
Ancestral imprints
Past life imprints
But also cultural imprints
Religious imprints
And some of these imprints are very stubborn and dense
And very densely engrained within your energy field
And for them to open up and loosen up
And loosen its grip on you
It sometimes takes years even

And each time you witness one of the healing channelings
Coming with these Whispers
Every time you witness one of these healing channelings
The healing energy really gets strong and is maximized
So, each time you do your work like meditating
And each time you participate in a healing channeling
We will work on you even more
More precise
More intense
See this as a quickening
An intensifying of energy
But never to a level where you cannot handle it
So we, like I said before, have your best interest in mind

But for you to understand what we do and how we work
Is not always visible or easy to comprehend
Because the energies with which we work are very subtle
Sometimes so subtle that you as a human being cannot feel them
Or witness them or realize that they are there
But it is important for you to know that
We work on you twenty-four seven
We work with you twenty-four seven
Once you ask our help
And once we start giving you this help
We will work with you twenty-four seven

And you will notice that your life will gradually change
For the better
Sometimes if you lose old patterns
It seems as if things are deteriorating
Or getting worse
But this is only temporary
For in the long run
Everything will turn in a way that it will benefit you
And it will be for your greater good
This is a process you have to trust
You have to trust us on this
If we say we will help you
We will truly help you
And your life will become better
More easy
More smooth
More happy
More harmonious
Not in the beginning
Not very quickly
Yes, sometimes it can be very quickly, very easy
But some patterns are so dense
And so hard to open up, to weaken
That we need time to do it
And you need time

And you will start to meet other people
Different people
You will start to read different books
You will start to eat different food
You will start to have different interests
So your whole life will gradually change
You will gradually change
For the better
And this is how the healing process works

So, the minute you ask us for help
This is what you can expect
And this is what will happen
And since it is different for each and all of you
We cannot give you a blue print
Like, this is how it works
It is really different for each and every one of you
For some of you it is a pretty clean and quick process
And for some of you it is a long long process
Not always easy
Sometimes really tough
But, but in the end
In the end, in the long run
Things will become better
Your life will become more easy
And this is a promise
And this is how we work

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Healing Process - Mantra


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