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About Numbness

About Numbness

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What we feel needs to be talked about today is numbness
Because within a lot of you there is numbness

And what exactly do we mean by saying that
As you grow up
As a youngster
As a child first
And after that a youngster
And later you slide into your adulthood
Within you are pockets
Let’s call them pockets of numbness
And these are layers within you where you have no voice
Where you have no consciousness
Where you have no awareness
Where your feeling is numbed
Your awareness is numbed

Often this is connected to
And related to trauma
Childhood trauma
And we are aware that the word trauma
In your reality is a big word
When we think of trauma
We think of something terrible that’s happened to you
But this is not always the case

Trauma can be inflicted on you
Very simple and very short
It can be an instance
It can be one little thing happening to you
And it can be so intense
And so frightening
And so big for you at that moment
For instance
When you are three or five or seven or nine
The impact of that what is happening to you
Can be for you so big that it freezes you
It freezes your emotion
It freezes your thinking
It freezes your awareness
It freezes your consciousness
This is a well-known psychological phenomenon

And with that freeze comes numbness
And many of you have pockets of numbness in you
And where there is numbness there are no feelings
There are no emotions
There are no words
There is no Yes
There is no No
And the thing is, it never goes away by itself
You cannot unfreeze this
Or you cannot make that what is numb alive again
By yourself
It is stuck within you forever

And the only way to bring it to life again
To defreeze it and to bring love and light
And energy and oxygen within that pocket
Is to relive it
To relive it, to go there and revive it
And to give it new words
New emotions
New feelings
New awareness
To review that what has happened to you
By reliving it
And review it in the now with your grown-up emotions
With your grown-up awareness
From your adult perspective

And many of you are not aware of this technique
Of this journey
They do not know that this can be done
Many of you are even not aware of the numbness
And yet it’s there
So, this whole, ‘#metoo’ movement that is going on right now
It is all about this numbness
The interaction between men and women
Women and women
Men and men
On a physical, sexual level
It is filled with this numbness
That is why saying No
Or even being aware that you can say No
That you should say No
Is such a difficult thing for people
That is why the #metoo movement is so important
That is why it is here now to make people aware
That they have layers within themselves
That are numb
That are unaware
That are frozen

And there is a very simple technique to deal with your numbness
First of all, close your eyes
Second of all, ground yourself through your feet
Consciously make contact with mother earth
And then after that, find your breath
And follow the rhythm of your breath
Until your breath connects you with your Essence
With the you in you that is timeless
That has always been there
And will always be there
That layer in you
It’s accessible for each and every one of you

We call this the three-way rocket to happiness
Close your eyes
Connect with mother earth
Connect with the rhythm of your breath
And ultimately connect with your Essence
And that’s the realm where you can connect with us.
And all you have to do is ask us
Make me aware of the numbness inside of me
Show me where my numbness is
And give power to my numbness
Give awareness to my numbness
Give words and feelings to my numbness

You see the thing is
You won’t be able to deal with all your numbness at once
So ask us to make you aware of the pockets of numbness one by one
Ask us to deal with these pockets one by one
And for each pockets you ask
Make me aware of my numbness
Give me words
Give me feelings
Give me awareness in that particular area

And don’t do this for one day
Or one week
Or one month
Do this to heal yourself
And do it as long as it is necessary
Do it for years maybe
Until each and every pocket of numbness
Of frozen emotion is defrosted
Is sensitized
Is alive again

And you will be alive again
Because ALL of you is present
ALL of you is in the now
ALL of you is aware and alive
Your whole being
Your WHOLE consciousness is there

It will take time
And it will take patience
And it will take work
But we are very happy to work with you
To help you in the process
We applaud you for being prepared to heal yourself
To do the work
To be committed to yourself
For we are committed to your healing
We are committed to you standing in the light
That is what we are here for
And that is what we love to do

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Numbness - Mantra


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