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About Completion

About Completion

Today this whisper is about completion

If somebody has hurt you
Or made you angry
Or disappointed you
Or betrayed you
Or pained you in any way, shape or form
It’s very common to hold a grudge against that person

To keep that anger
Or that pain
Or that disappointment
Inside of you
In your heart
Where it smolders and lingers
And eventually turns cold and freezes down
And that person does no longer exist in your life
If you walk past them
Or if you are with them in the same room
You ignore them
You do not look at them

They are air for you
But this is not true
This is not true
There is an energy between you and the other person
That is unhealed, unfinished
And it is not good for you and it’s not good for the other person

You can deny it
You can declare it does not exist
You can even numb yourself to it and say, listen
That person doesn’t bother me
That may be so
You might be able to do that
But it is not good for you

Because at some stage
In some shape or form
That energy will come back to you and slap you in the face
At some point in your life it will come back in another form
Why, because the underlying lesson
You did not take
You did not learn
You did not grow from it
You did not transform something in you from it

So that’s why I would like to talk to you about
The technique of completion
That is a technique where you speak out to the other person
Exactly what you feel
Why you are disappointed
Why you are hurt
What hurts you
What goes on inside of you

So you give your feelings room
You speak them out loud to the other person
And the other person listens
Takes it all in
And then speaks her or his truth

Truly from the heart
Or from the feeling
All the way
No holding back
Be very honest
Be raw
Let the truth be raw

And by doing that
It’s a technique you have to do together
But doing that together, eventually
All misunderstanding
All miscommunication
All expectation
All betrayal or hurt
Will melt, will vanish, will dissolve
And this frees your emotion
It frees you up
It makes you free
And it frees the other person up

This of course is ideal
If the two of you want this
Want to do this process
Want to do this work

And often in life you maybe want to do it
But the other person refuses to do it
What do you do in that case
In that instance
What do you do, if that is the case
If you want to complete and heal
But the other person denies that
Denies you the healing

Well, somebody else can never deny you healing yourself
You can heal yourself
In that instance you start to write
So you take a piece of paper and a pen
Don’t do it on the computer
Do it really with a pen and paper
And write down every feeling
Every little emotion
Every little detail

You said this
And then I felt this
And then you said that
And then I understood this
And I felt this and I thought
Well, whatever
So you also tell your disappointment
You tell your hurt

You do not only blame the other person
“You did this and then you did that
And then you did that”
No, no, no,
Of course, you can blame somebody
You can say you did this
But it’s more important to exactly tell what it did to you
You got hurt
You got disappointed
You felt betrayed
You felt angry
You feel angry
It made you angry

So talk about the anger
Talk about the hurt
Talk about the pain
Talk about the loneliness
Talk about feeling left alone
Tell about the helplessness
Tell them exactly what your feeling was
What happened to you when they did what they did
How that made you feel

And you will notice there are unhealed old layers of feeling
That are touched
There was already something there
Old unhealed layers that were there

And the other person
by doing their action,
they touch those layers
And these layers
The emotion from these layers flared up
And you connected them to their doings and their deeds

And of course it’s their responsibility
They did what they did but the unhealed layers
The unhealed emotion that was already there
That’s yours
That’s your responsibility
You have to deal with that

So write down meticulously what inside of you was touched
And then go inside and go and meet the inner child
That is connected to those unhealed layers
And soothe the child
Love the child
Give that child your support
And give that child your love
And allow that child to let that old pain go

And in this way you do not need the other person
You can heal yourself
But you have to do the work
This is if the other person denies you healing
You can do self healing
But to do it with somebody else
To do it together with somebody
Makes it even more strong
Makes it even more complete
Makes it even more freeing

So this is what completion is about
Try it
Try if it works for you
And try how it works for you

But do not leave business unfinished
Between you and another person
Finish it with either the other person
Or finish and heal it with yourself
But seek healing
For healing sets you free, either way
The only way to heal
The only way to set yourself free
And move on
And grow bigger
And grow better
Is to heal yourself

This was my message


The MANTRA for today is:

Completion - Mantra


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