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The power of gratitude

The power of gratitude

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Today I would like to talk to you about the power of gratefulness

We have talked about this before
And yet not everything has
been said about gratitude yet
Gratitude is so big and so deep and so complete
That we could tell you many many things about it
And we can shed light on many aspects
And today we will shed light on yet another aspect of gratitude

You see, today I would like to talk about
The deep deep inner gratitude
That all of you have had at one occasion or another
Maybe not always consciously
But we know that you have all had this experience of
Being extremely grateful
And the minute you close your eyes
And connect, through your feet, with mother earth
You ground yourself consciously
And then connect with your breath
It’s the three-step rocket to happiness

Close your eyes
Feel your feet
Connect with your breath
And follow your breath
It is that simple
But to do it every day
To do it whenever you need to do it
It takes discipline

So after you have done this
And you have become calm
And connected with your Essence
Through your breath
Simply feel where you are at this moment in your life

And if you then focus on gratitude itself
Something will come up to be grateful for
Something very special
It can be a feeling or a memory
Connected to another human being
You are grateful for this friendship
Or this loved one in your life

It can be connected to something you have received
You are extremely grateful for
Having received this new job
Or this opportunity to advance yourself
It can be connected to a talent or ability
You are extremely grateful that this aspect of you
This side of you
Now is being exposed and recognized by others
And I could go on and on

Gratitude has many many colors
Has many facets
It can be the enormous gratitude you feel for
Having survived a grave illness
For instance cancer
You are still alive
You have survived and the cancer has gone
Or whatever the illness was
And you are grateful for being alive
You are relieved
For you have been worried
You have been scared
And now you are on the other side of the tunnel
And you are feeling very relieved
And you are grateful for this

So gratefulness and relief can go hand in hand
Or you have survived this car accident
And you almost drowned because the car hit the water
But you somehow miraculously escaped or got rescued
So you feel this enormous relief that you are still alive
And you are feeling deeply grateful
For this gift of life bestowed on you
So these are all hues, colors
Gradations of thankfulness, gratitude

And there is a difference
between thankfulness and gratitude
Gratitude is deeper, fuller
There is more emotion
There might even be tears
And you feel soft and humble
Humbleness and softness and gratitude go hand in hand
You feel that there is a power beyond you
That is bigger than you
Greater than you
That you are connected with
That you are connected to
It is the Angels
It is your spirit guides that have protected you
Are carrying you
Are guiding you
And you can feel this connection
And with that connection comes
An enormous gratefulness
And humbleness

And it’s beautiful
It is a gift to you
To be able to have that level of gratitude
It is without ego
It is without you
All there is at that moment
Is feeling and experiencing the gift of life
The magnitude of you being alive as a human being
At this point in time
In this moment
It is timeless
It is endless
It is as big as the universe itself

And whenever you experience that level of gratitude
Know that we love you endlessly
We love you
We care for you
And we will take care of you
For, obviously, you recognize that we exist
And you can feel it
You acknowledge it
And you are connected with us
All the way
And we are connected with you
All the way
We love you

And gratitude connects us on a deeper level
On a direct level
That is the power of gratitude
That is the magnitude of gratitude

Be blessed always

This was my message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Gratefulness - Mantra


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