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Gratefulness is a vibration

Gratefulness is a vibration

Today I will speak to you about gratefulness
The vibration of being grateful
For truly it is a vibration
It’s a high vibration

It’s very rich
And very…well, it’s almost spiritual
The feeling of being grateful
The energy of being grateful
To be in that energy
To be in that vibration
To surround you
And to immerse yourself
With that energy
In that energy
It’s profound

These are big words
I realize that, but truly
True gratefulness is profound
And very very very beneficial
To your growth
To you
To your health
But also to your growth as a human being

And to enter the realm of gratefulness is easy
It can be done very practically as an exercise
Let me tell you how it can be done

If you make it a habit to sit quietly in the morning
After you wake up
And maybe you do some exercise first
Or maybe you go straight into meditation
Whatever your ritual is
You do not have to change it

Incorporate gratefulness into an existing ritual
Morning ritual
And if you do not have a morning ritual yet
Maybe this is the time to embrace it
and establish it in your life
So as you sit or stand or lay quietly
Focus, first of all, mainly on the word gratefulness
And even repeat it within yourself
I am grateful

As if you chew a nice piece of fresh bread
Chew the words, I am grateful
Chew them
Let them swirl through your mind
Through your being even
I am grateful today

And then let, from deep within you, surface whatever comes
That you are grateful for
It can be very small
I am grateful that I am right now, right here in this place
Maybe you are travelling or you are on holiday
And you are somewhere in a beautiful place
On top of a mountain or in the woods
Or near the sea, or whatever, you know
You are happy, you feel happy
And you are in a great place
Nice people, nice bed, nice atmosphere

This, of course, is all example
And you feel happy in this environment
So from the depth of you comes gratefulness
For you being here, right now, at this moment

And then you say, thank you
Thank you for being here
Thank you for this experience
I am grateful
For this moment
And this experience
And this gift to me

And then you become silent again
And you say again the words
I am grateful
And you let come whatever comes up
And maybe you are back home
Living your daily life
Maybe it’s somehow repetitive and monotonous
And yet within that life of duty and work
There is to be found gems
There is to be found gold and diamonds
Let them come up
And maybe there comes the feeling of gratefulness
For the fact that you are alive
That you are breathing
That you are healthy
That you have work
That you have enough money to pay your bills
That you had a nice encounter with a nice person
That your boss was very happy with the work you delivered
That somebody smiled at you on the street
A complete stranger gave you a smile
And that gave you a feeling of happiness for a moment

Gratefulness can be very small
Small things
Little gold nuggets in disguise
And gratefulness can also be overwhelmingly big
You might even cry or get emotional
I am so grateful
For being on this earth
Living my life the way I am living my life
I am grateful for who I am

This is big
I am grateful for who I am
You acknowledge life and existence
And you thank existence for you
Now, that’s Grateful
It’s a gift
Life is a gift
And so on and so forth

There are many many ways and many things to be thankful for
Grateful for
Let them come as little gems or big gems and jewels
Let them surface from the depths of you
Your inner being

And if you do this practice every morning, every day
You will find that your life will change
Your life will change
To be grateful will be more and more easy
It will become natural
It will become a second skin
And the more grateful you are
The more things will come to you
That you can be grateful for
So gratefulness will come your way
Gratefulness will find you

If you live in gratefulness
You will live a life to be grateful for
Now, isn’t that something


This was my message

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