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The tale of the three sisters

The tale of the three sisters

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Today I would like to tell you the tale of the three sisters.
And the names of the three sisters were
Fear, Courage and Change

Now, Fear was a skinny girl
She had a white complexion
And she was always nervous
And if anything would happen to her
Or in her world
Or in her perception
That she didn’t know
She would become even more nervous
Her thoughts would go berserk
She would be easily upset

And of the three she was the youngest one
She was pretty
But her nervousness made her unattractive
She was always occupied
Always busy, restless
She would listen
She would hear everything
But an outsider would easily perceive her
As not being attentive
So this was the sister, Fear

And then there is the sister, Courage
She was rather petit but bulky
She wasn’t high but she was bulky, muscular
And she had this promptness in her
She always walked with a steady pace
As if it always looked as if she knew where she was going to
Always aimed at results
And courage, she was a bit darker than the first sister, Fear
Courage was, instead of fair haired
She was dark haired
And her eyes would look like burning coals
There was a certain aim
A certain purpose
A certain depth in her eyes
She was attractive but fierce
Many many many boys were afraid of her
Because she wouldn’t take no for an answer
And although, secretly, a lot of boys had a crush on her
She was without love
Without a lover

And the third sister, Change
She was very calm
She was tall, very beautiful
She was a red head girl with freckles
A bit naughty
A bit, well, different from any other girl
You have seen before
She was a bit of a daredevil
She would do things and go places
That her parents would forbid her had they known
But she never told them
She just did
She was more of a gypsy
She went with whom she pleased
And she went where she pleased

She was free
Of the three sisters she was the most free one
She was free as the wind
Free as the sun
Free as the moon
And she had many many many lovers
No one serious
Just a little flirt
A kiss here
A smile there
Nothing too serious
She was playful

And these three sisters
They got along very very well
They made a fine trio
Courage was always in the middle
Sometimes she would really
Be more connected to her sister, Fear
She would help Fear
For Fear often needed her courage
Because Fear on her own was too afraid
To do things
To go places
To meet people
To try new adventures
So Courage would often help Fear
To live really
For without Courage
The life of Fear was far less interesting
And Courage would often connect with Change
Courage and Change, they had a very good bond
For Courage liked Change
Although Courage herself was not able
To be as free as Change
She loved the way Change lived her life
New adventures
New roads
New paths

Change would always learn new skills
And do crazy stuff that nobody else dare to do
And Courage liked that
Courage like the dare devil aspect of Change
For she herself was a daredevil as well
Not as free as Change but
She had that streak of daredevilness in her
And these two sisters
They got along just fine

Change and Fear on the other hand
Although they never quarreled
They didn’t quite understand each other
Change would often look at Fear and say
What the heck is going on with you girlfriend
Cut your nervousness
Come on, pull yourself together
Come with me
Let’s have fun
But Fear wouldn’t have it
No, no, no, I rather stay here at home
I don’t feel safe going places where you go
I might meet strangers
Or things might happen to me
No I don’t want that
You are far too adventurous for me
And although Courage and Change
Had a very good understanding
Courage also felt pity for Fear, often
So instead of going out with Change
She would stay home and be with Fear
To give her comfort
To help her
And to tell her that everything was all right
And they would go about sometimes together

They would visit a new town
Or make a little journey
Or do something
That Fear on her own would never do
Courage would really help Fear
To overcome her fear
And to take the steps to new adventures
But they were very small adventures
Compared to the adventures Change would have
On her own, or even together with Courage
Oh, they were vastly different from the adventures that
Fear and Courage would have together

And these girls
They lived together
And they lived together in peace and harmony
But one day there came a gentleman
And that gentleman was called Freedom
And Change she immediately fell in love
With Freedom
Oh, head over heels
She was totally crazy about Freedom
And she would give him the world
She would give him her body
Her heart, her soul, everything
She loved Freedom
And it’s true
Freedom was very handsome
Courage liked him too
Yeah, there was a promise in Freedom
Whenever he was around
Whenever he came by
Courage would feel so light and so happy
Change would be totally away with the fairies
She would be so in love
You know, she had butterflies all over her stomach
And Fear, she was a bit afraid of Freedom
He was so big
He was so handsome
Almost too handsome
Oh, she would be utterly shy
She would look at him
Pretend as if she didn’t look at him
She would look at him from under her eyelids
Observe him quietly
And whenever he looked her way
She would lower her eyes
And pretend she was doing something else
There was this attraction
Push away kind of energy going on
Between Fear and Freedom
She liked him but she feared him
Of course she would fear him
Because she was Fear

And of course the inevitable would happen
Change and Freedom would marry
And have children
And of course
Change would go away with Freedom
She would leave her two sisters behind
So she went off to another land
Far away
And Courage and Fear lived in that house together
Forever and ever and ever
And they lived happily ever after

And Courage of course she would miss Change
For now she only had Fear to deal with
And her life was now far more dull
And more normal
With change there would always be adventure
And now that she was
She got stuck
Now that she got stuck with Fear
Her life was far less interesting

And this was the story and the tale
Of the three sisters

Thank you
This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Change - Mantra


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