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Today I would like to talk to you about choice

You being a human being
You have a choice at ANY moment in your life
And you decide what you choose
And especially when you are having circular thoughts
Or circular feelings
Where you feel the same feeling all the time
You feel worried
You feel anxious
You feel insecure
You are fearful
You have self doubt
All these circular emotions
That go on and on and on in your feelings
Or thoughts in your head

The same thought
Will he call me
Should I SMS him
Should I text him
No, I’ll wait until he text me
Yeah, but I feel like…oh man
No but I think I should
Should I
Should he
Should I
Should he
And it goes on and on and on
And you can be busy with this for hours
For the whole evening
And this is where choice comes in
You can stop this in its tracks, straightaway

The best moment to do this is immediately
The minute you start to have a feeling
Or a thought that you do not want
You should stop it immediately
And say the word, “cut”
And you imagine in your mind’s eye
That you take a knife or scissors
And you cut the thought
And you cut the feeling
And if you are not aware
And it’s already too late
It’s already going on inside of you
In your head or in your emotions
You will find that it is much harder to say stop
To say “cut”
And it still can be done

All you have to do is, literally
Arrest yourself
Stop yourself
So in the middle of you having this feeling
Or you having these thoughts
You close your eyes
You put your feet firmly on the floor
Whether you sit or stand
Try standing
Standing will give you extra will power
So you close your eyes
You stand on the floor
Your feet firmly rooted on the floor
On the surface beneath you
And then you take this imaginary scissors
This imaginary knife
And you literally cut the thought
Or cut the feeling

And the best way to do this
Put this thought
Or put this feeling in front of you
About ten to fifteen feet in front of you
Three to five meters, something like that
And from your navel there is an umbilical cord
An energetic cord
An energy cord
That is connected to the thought or to the feeling
So the feeling is ten to fifteen feet in front of you
And there is this cord from your belly button
Going to the thought
Or going to the feeling
And you take this knife
Or you did take this scissors
Or you take this machete
And you cut the cord
So you cut the feeling
Or you cut the thought
And then you push it away
And you say
‘Go back to your own source’
And then the umbilical cord
The energy cord will shrivel

You turn around
You open your eyes
And you take one step forward
So you open your eyes and you take one step forward
And then you say out loud
I step into my new reality now
And this new reality is the reality where you cut the thought
Or cut the feeling loose
And this is a very powerful way to get rid of these
Circular thoughts
Or circular feelings
And if it doesn’t go away immediately
Try it again
Try that whole picturing and cutting process again
And if you have to do it four times or five times
In the course of an hour or two hours
Do it four or five times
Do it

And in the end you will see that the result is that
You are free
You have cut the thought
Or you have cut the feeling
And you have cut yourself loose from it
And you are free again
You are free in the now

So whether you should text him
Or he should text you doesn’t matter anymore
Because you will do your own thing
You will be free
And if he wants you
Or if she wants you
She better or he better make sure
That they will give you a sign
And they will give you a sign of life
Because otherwise, move on
Move on and live your life
Don’t be dependent on somebody that doesn’t want you
Don’t be dependent on somebody that doesn’t love you
That doesn’t want to connect with you
Why would you
Why would you make yourself so dependent on somebody
That doesn’t give a hoot

So this was about choice

This was our message
Thank you

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