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The great benefits of travelling

The great benefits of travelling

Today I would like to talk to you about the great benefits of travelling

And this time we do not mean inward travelling
As you all do by now
The inward journeys you make into your inner being
Into your essence
That is one way of travelling
The inward travelling

What I would like to talk to you about today is outward travelling
Expanding your scope
Expanding your views
Expanding your experience
Expanding your tolerance
Expanding your empathy
Expanding your humanity
Expanding your patience
Expanding your flexibility
Expanding your sense of belonging
Expanding your inner security

And so this inward travelling
We have covered that extensively in many Whispers
And outward travelling
Travelling the earth
Important for you to know is that
We do not mean travelling like a tourist
The one week, ten days, fourteen days travel
Crammed with seeing as much as possible
In as short time as possible
This is not travelling
Travelling is being in the now
And flowing
And meeting people on a deeper level
Meeting the locals on a deeper level

This is travelling
Staying in a place for a while
Living there
Living with the locals
Being with the locals
Talking to the locals
And getting to know their ways
Eating their food
And learn how they think
How they feel
And how they live their daily lives
This is travelling

A traveler is a slow journeyer
While a tourist is a fast journeyer
That is the big difference
Now, I was telling you about all the benefits of travelling
What it does to you
What it gives you
It will truly, truly, truly bring you out of your comfort zone

As a traveler you will instantly step out of your comfort zone
And because of that you will grow
Because of that you will learn
And as I mentioned before
All that which I mentioned will happen to you
On a level
For some more than for others
For others less than for some
But on all these levels you are being tested
You are being challenged
And you are being invited
To step one step further out of your comfort zone

So we strongly suggest for each and every individual
For at least once in your life
And do not travel for a month
Or for two months
Of course, this is a beginning
But travel for half a year
Travel for a year
And if you can, travel longer

So this whole Digital Nomad thing
That is going on right now in your world
We salute that
Because it really expands your reality of being a world citizen
Because that is what you are
You are a world citizen
This is your world
And all the people in it are your brothers and sisters
On a spiritual level
And if you stay in one place all your life
Only with your family
And your neighbors
And the other villagers
Or the other town people
Or the other city people, dwellers
You will not learn much
Of course, you will read books
Of course, you will watch movies
Of course, you will do day trips
And of course, you will do short holidays to a foreign land
But as far as travelling is concerned
The outer travelling
Really exploring the world
Exploring other cultures
Exploring and discovering other people
Other ways of thinking
Other Religions
Other perspectives on life
There is no better way than to gain that true travelling

So we toot the horn on travelling today
It is exciting
It is beautiful
It is something we strongly recommend
If you are ever in a position to do it
Do it!
Of course you might be fearful
You might hesitate
You might be afraid of this great big world
Full of insecurity
And yet it will bring you so many treasures
That you will cherish a life-time
That we strongly recommend it

And age is no obstacle
Whether you are young or middle aged
Or senior citizen
It doesn’t matter
You can start travelling at any time in your life
Of course the youngsters do it more than the older ones
But still it doesn’t really matter
You can travel for a longer period
And live an adventurous life for a longer period
At any time in your life

So if you ever have contemplated to do this
We strongly urge you
Make a plan and start doing it
You will not regret it
It is beautiful
Go places
And this sense of brotherhood
This sense of one world
One humanity
It will grow in you
And you will benefit from it
Your life will benefit from it
You will become more tolerant
More humble
More grateful
More humane
More human

We strongly recommend it
Try it
And enjoy it

This was our message
Thank you

The MANTRA for today is:

Travelling - Mantra


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