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I am destined to be great

I am destined to be great

Have you ever had the feeling that you are born and destined to be great?

We know that many of you have this feeling
Somewhere deep inside of you
This longing
This sentiment
It’s almost nostalgia
Of an echo of something that has happened before
And deep deep down inside
You know that you are destined to be
Somebody great
Somebody of significance
Somebody that will make a difference
That has to make a difference
And that has the capacity to make a difference

And many of you treat this as a dream
Yeah, there is all this knowing
And feeling
And wanting
And believing
That I am destined to be great
Some day it will happen
How, I have no clue
And many of you leave this earth
Without having materialized this capacity
This reality

For the minute you can feel that reality surfacing in you
It is a call from your soul
From your essence
To go and own and stand in that light
And fill that presence
Fill that promise
Fill that reality
For the minute you feel that you were born
To be great
To excel

It is a reality you can choose
And you can pursue
And you can materialize
It is possible
It is that simple

And yet, very very very very very very few people in life do it
Many of you get stuck
Somewhere along the way, in life
And you bury your dreams
You lose your dreams
You maybe don’t lose them but they dwindle
And they get buried under daily life
And as you sometimes call it, reality
And that’s a shame
It’s a waste
It’s a waste of you shining the light you are unto this world

For if it is what you deep down inside long for
Then it is a reality that is possible
And you can pursue it
No matter your circumstances
No matter your age
No matter your capability or incapability
It has got nothing to do with it
If you focus on materializing that which you are destined for
If you start to focus on that
Without compromise
Without fear
With commitment
With daily action
And with a clear outcome
And a clear goal in mind
And you pursue this every day anew
And you telling yourself
And telling the universe
This is what I’m up to
To be and to live my greatness
To be and to live my essence
To shine my light unto this world
Without compromise
Without fear
Without holding back

Now, if that is what you are up to
And you tell that to the universe every day
And you do the inner work to realize that
You are destined to come a long way
And if you persevere long enough
You will succeed
There are people in this world doing just that
They never ever stop believing in themselves
Have they never doubt it
Yes, of course, they have
And they have gone pass it
And through it
And pass it
And beyond it
And they did it anyway
They went on
And so can you
If you have the feeling that you have shoes to fill
That are far bigger than yourself
But you have to fill them because it is your capacity
It is your calling
Then go and fill the shoes
And this has nothing to do with dreaming
Or fake it until you make it
It has nothing to do with that
It is just answering to the call of your soul
Of your essence
By your daily actions towards reaching that goal
Shining that light
And being that great guy or great woman that you are

And all you have to do is to give it daily attention
And to step into that reality
And take massive actions towards that reality
And towards reaching that goal
And you know what’s the beauty of all this
While pursuing your greatness
You will have a great life
For you will encounter
Many many many many many challenges
And you will face many difficulties and disappointments
But the reward in the end is
You finding yourself
You finding your greatness
You connecting with your full potential
And living that
And being that

Now, what more could you ask for in this life time
So all this is very exciting if you start today
If you wait until tomorrow
And you wait again until tomorrow
A year goes by without you actually having achieved anything
As far as your greatness goes
As far as pursuing your greatness goes
But if you start today
And step by step by step by step by step do the work
Eventually, your steps will become big steps
And maybe you even start to run
And at some day you start to fly
Now, how is that for a great future

If you feel it
If it is in your reality
In your energy field
Go and pursue it
No matter what
And of course
The only one in-between you and your greatness is you
Being small
Playing small
Feeling small
And the minute you stop believing all that bull shit
That you put between you and your greatness
Your life will change for the better
Try it
Not for a day
Not for a week
Not for a month
Try it forever
You will be amazed

Thank you
This was my message

The MANTRA for today is:

Greatness - Mantra


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