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Express yourself freely

Express yourself freely

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of speaking your mind

It is truly important for you as a human being to fully express yourself in the now
And through upbringing
Through conventions
Through social dos and don’ts
You have learnt to be polite
You have learnt to be afraid
You have adapted to convention
To what people think of you
To what people think is polite
Is not polite
Is done
Is not done

And all these beliefs
And all these unwritten rules
Limit you
You limit yourself with all these concepts
That you have adopted
That you have adapted to

Now, to let go of all these concepts
In one draw is impossible
We realize this is impossible
But you can ask help from us
To free your true voice
To find your true voice
And to speak your true voice

And this is truly the voice of your essence
So where you speak your truth
In alignment with your essence
And to express yourself fully
And without fear
Without boundaries
Without all these little voices in the background
Telling you what to do
And what not to do
And how to do it

So, if you have a feeling
Express the feeling
Talk about the feeling
If your intuition tells you
Do not do it
Then don’t do it
And if something inside of you tells you
Go ahead do it
Then go ahead and do it
And if you do not like something
Say you do not like it
If you do not want something
Say you do not want it
And if you do want something
Say what you want

So, to fully express yourself
Is to be true to your inner
Your emotions
Your mind
And of course
A lot of your emotions are conditioned as well
A lot of your thoughts are conditioned as well
So to find your true voice
In the midst of all this conditioning
It’s very hard for people to do
But it can be done

You can find your authentic voice
By starting to express yourself
Exactly the way you feel
Exactly the way you think
If you feel no, say no
If you feel yes, say yes
It’s that simple

This is where it starts
If you feel no, say no
No, I don’t want this
No, I don’t like this
No, I don’t agree with you
No, I don’t want you to do that
No, please, stop doing this
It’s that simple
And yet for many of you it is very very very hard
To say I do not like this
I do not want this
And yet
This is where the authenticity of you expressing yourself starts
By simply saying
No, I don’t want this
No, I don’t believe this
No, I don’t like this
And the counter part, of course, is yes
Yes, yes, I love you
Yes, I desire you
Yes, I am shy
Yes, I am afraid
Yes, I am in love
Yes, I want to go with you
Yes, please I like that very much
Instead of being polite and saying
No, no, no,
No, no, no, I am tired, sorry
I can’t come
While your inner is screaming
Yes, I want to come
But I am afraid
I am shy or whatever the reason is

So this internal fight between yes and no
That is going on inside of you
All day long
Resolve that first
Make your yes a true YES
And make your no a true NO

Exercise with this
Try to say it for one hour
You start with one hour
Saying exactly yes when it’s a yes
And no, when it’s a no
And then you build on that
You expand
You make it two hours
And then three hours
And then four hours
And then one day
A whole day
That’s already a big achievement
And you will build on that experience
And you will build courage
And you will muster courage
And you will eventually grow
It is an internal journey

So you will grow courage
And you will grow self esteem
And you will grow self belief
And your no will become
More and more solid and real
And in accordance with what you really feel
And what you really think
And your yes will become
More and more comfortable and light
And in accordance with what you think and what you feel

And once you master the game of yes and no
Then there is a whole other journey
It’s expressing yourself exactly in the way you feel
But first start with yes and no
It’s enough for now
It’s a challenge
We wish you luck

This was my message
Thank you.

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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