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About Lying

About Lying

Today I would like to talk to you about a widespread disease called lying

To lie
To not speak the truth
To not tell it the way it is
So you deform reality
And you portray a reality that is not there
That basically is lying

You pretend reality to be different
You pretend this in order to hide the truth
If you lie about yourself or you lie about something
You will not only harm others
You harm yourself as well

For if you live your life
True to your essence
True to who you really are
You do not need to hide, conceal or lie
For you are transparent
You are true to yourself
You are true to your inner nature
You are true to the aspect of your soul
That wants to be expressed in this lifetime
And there is nothing you have to be afraid of
There is nothing you have to be ashamed of
There is nothing you have to hide

So lying truly only can exist
If you are not connected with your essence
If you pretend to be something or somebody that you are not
And many people do this
They make their life a fantasy show
They tell one person, I am this
They tell the other person, I am that
They tell a third person, I am so and so
While they are not

And this lying business is very tricky
Because it is tempting to do it
Because it’s easy
It is easy to fool people
It’s easy to pretend to be somebody that you are not
It’s easy, it’s convenient
People are easily fooled so you most probably get away with it
Most of the time

But in the realm of lying
You will never ever ever connect with your true self
Nor will you meet the other one, truly
Because between the two of you there will always be a filter

And the lie between you is the filter
And believe me, there is no such thing as a white lie
Either you tell it as it is or you don’t say a word
Or you picture a reality that is not there
But sometimes even not saying a word can be the lie
Because you are still hiding and trying to conceal
That which you do not want the other person to see

To be one hundred percent without lies in your life
Is difficult and yet it is truly very very easy
If you are true to yourself
And you are not afraid of your own truth
And you are not afraid to speak this truth
Then living without lies
And being without lies
And being truthful
Is very easy

But if you are afraid of others
Afraid of their judgment
Afraid of their anger
Afraid of their disapproval
Afraid of them denying you
Then to be truthful is difficult

And yet in the long run
Being true to yourself
To who you really are, and expressing only that
And only expressing yourself from the level of your essence
Will give you great satisfaction and happiness
So shine the light you are
Truly shine the light you are in this world
It will bring you challenges, yes of course
But it will bring you also happiness and fulfillment
And this is what we wish for you
Happiness and fulfillment
Be loyal
Be true to who you are
And try to be only that

It needs exercise
It needs perseverance
But if you continue to work on it
You will persevere
You will succeed

Thank you
This was my message

Copyright © 2018 Channeled by Briant&Jaldhara – All Rights Reserved

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