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We are Briant [1958] & Jaldhara [1960], Both Dutch.

We started on the path of self-development and self-exploration when we still were teenagers. We each have been walking this path for 40+ years now. And when we met each other, back in 1995, we soon learned that this is one of the great parallels in our lives.

We've always challenged and developed ourselves personally and professionally, on the path of inner and outer transformation.

 This is how we became the experts we are at our trade today.

This is why we can identify ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with the challenge of finding personal fulfilment that many 37-73 year old seekers are facing in their lives today.

If we would break down the two most important things that we have learned over the years it’s this:

First of all we acknowledge that we are all ‘Spiritual beings having a Human experience’. We know that, we really understand that, we acknowledge that and we live from that reality. That is why we will always put emphasis on helping you to bring out your soul and your essence and that is why we’ll always help you step out of your own perpetual drama circle. 

Secondly, we’ve learned to believe that the body bears the burden. If you heal the Burden, you heal the body.



We’ve learned to believe that the body bears that burden on any level: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And we always work from that paradigm. When you heal the burden, you heal the body; you heal the man or the woman. We have seen this truth in ten’s of 1000’s of successful sessions we did over the years. Whenever we weren’t successful, was only when the client didn’t want to feel, see and embrace this sometimes uncomfortable truth. And the many clients who did embrace this truth, all have been able to turn their life around in so many miraculous ways. 

Since 2014 we travel the world with one suitcase and one sports bag each and that is all we possess. We have de-cluttered our lives big time. We sold everything we owned. We have dedicated our lives to this cause of helping you to liberate your body, mind and soul from the limiting feelings and limiting believes that are dimming your light. 

On a lonely beach in Crete, Greece, back in January 2016 we begged the Universe to deploy us for this big task and it was granted. And because we live and work location independent and we have no house or country we have to go back to, this task seems so logical to us.

We are on a sacred mission.
The deeper meaning, the deeper feeling, the deeper longing, the deeper fulfillment in life, to help you discover and conquer that, gives us great joy and fulfillment. There is nothing that gives us greater joy than this. This is who we are, this is what we love, this is what we are good at and this is what we are all about. 

This is what our clients say about us and our work...

I felt so supported in my process

Even though it was a tough journey, the personal attention of Briant & Jaldhara and their spot on questions made me go deeper. I felt so supported in my process. 

Sacha de Koning, Coach

Live your life the way you want to

They coach and guide you towards freedom and love for yourself and others, if you want to do the work.

Paula Willers, retired - loving life

The ability to heal and help you change old dysfunctional patterns

For me this coaching was grounded, connected and sincere, confrontational and decisive, emotional and healing.

Jeroen Terpstra, Psychiatrist