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We both had our first encounter with destiny at the age of 15

Jaldhara [1960]

On one of her daily bike-rides, going home after school while ploughing through the far stretched farmlands of the North-Eastern part of the Netherlands, she found herself uttering the prophetic words ‘it has been enough, it ends here, it ends with me’. At the time she had no clue what she was saying or why she was saying it, later in life she did understand. Jaldhara has the natural ability to clarify underlying patterns. She has a huge BS detector and a 6th sense for discovering and uncovering dysfunctional patterns in organizations, in teams, in families, and in people.

Briant [1958]

While living on Aruba/Caribbean and doing his homework the night before a school test, he suddenly discovered he had the ability to almost photographically visualize and memorize the text he was studying.  The next day he got an A+ for his school test. In his twenties he started to teach the healing power of visualization in groups and later in life he would become an expert at creating and receiving guided visual meditations. 

Our first project together

We met each other in 1995, after both having pursued a career in Mental Health Care. Back in 1993 Briant had started a revolutionary new concept in the Netherlands by introducing the first nation wide ‘temp agency’ in the Mental Health Care field that was open for business 24/7/365. Jaldhara became a business partner in 1995 and we became lovers in 1997. Together we built this company into a very successful multi-million dollar venture. The sky was the limit, until the sky came tumbling down in 2005 when we lost it all. We had screwed up big time by living the high life and spending more than we earned.

Gathering new skills

What followed after this huge disillusion was a prolonged period of soul searching. Jaldhara pursued her career as a business coach working in corporate while Briant pursued his counseling career with private clients. Our mutual interest in human behavior sparked our curiosity to learn about new healing modalities. We saw that conventional psychology didn’t bring the personal transformation that we believed was possible and necessary. In our search we soon learned powerful new ways to access the subconscious undercurrent, to access the root-cause of negative self-talk and negative self-image, the root-cause of old dysfunctional patterns. 

A new beginning

December 2014 marks a huge turning point in our lives. This is when we left the Netherlands to start a completely new adventure. In hindsight it was a brush with destiny. To sell everything we had, to leave everything behind and to plunge into the abyss of the great unknown with only the desire to travel the world with one suitcase each and make money online seemed an irrational and wild plan at the time. And it was an irrational and wild plan but little did we know that it was the start of something big and beautiful. The only thing we knew was that we HAD to do it. 

The Inner Journey

Along the way we found out that our Outer Journey, traveling the world, is in fact an Inner Journey. From the start of our journey, working online and making money to live and travel proved to be a huge challenge. It was a journey with very little money, where we had to allow ourselves to fail, to learn and to start anew, again and again. It was also a  journey where we had to learn to be grateful for our lessons, our disappointments and our victories. We were constantly challenged to stay positive, to stay focused, to generate ourselves, to step out of our comfort zone and to be open and alert to new opportunities and possibilities. 

Life Purpose

On a lonely beach in Crete/Greece in January 2016 we literally begged the heavens to deploy us as channels to bring their love and light to this world, no matter the consequences. A few months later, when we were in Bali, the heavens responded, in one of our meditations we received a vision that eventually became our life purpose: ‘We touch, move and inspire millions op people to increase their Self-Love, their Self-Healing ability and their Autonomy every day’. 

And this is what makes us jump out of bed every morning ever since. 

Accelerate Your Self-Love

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away ~ Pablo Picasso 

We know that you are love and we know that you can heal yourself. We also know that you can’t always feel that and often don’t even believe that. This is why we dedicated our life to be the holding space for Self-Love so that it can reveal itself to you and you'll learn to recognize it, to unpack it and to live it.

Our breakthrough method ‘Accelerate your Self-Love’ is our master piece. Come work with us and you will discover what your deepest level of Self-Love really is so your Self-Love, your Self Healing ability and your Inner Leadership become connected and present in your daily reality.

The result is that you will experience more happiness, more joy, more inner safety, more inner and outer freedom and more love in the company of yourself and more love in your relationship with others.

We write and post about Self-Love almost every day on Facebook and Instagram. We blog about Self-Love on our website. 

We share our knowledge, our raw truth and ourselves in our free online community ‘Self-Love Lab’.
You are invited and you are welcome 💖