Whispers from the Holy Circle
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Accelerate Your Self-Love on a deeper, subconsious level

Each and every client we worked with, that ever wanted to experience more Self-Love on a deeper level, simultaneously had the burning desire ‘to feel free’. Look at this list and you will immediately know why.

  • I want to feel free to express myself
  • I want to feel free to love myself
  • I want to feel free to have influence
  • I want to feel free in my emotions 
  • I want to feel free in my relationship
  • I want to feel free in my family
  • I want to feel free in my job
  • I want to feel free from expectations
  • I want to feel free from depression
  • I want to feel free from despair
  • I want to feel free from negativity
  • I want to feel free from inner captivity
  • I want to feel free from powerlessness

When one of your desires to be free is in this list, there is something really important you need to know

Feeling and being free is a result of something else. It is the result of feeling safe within yourself. And the more you feel safe within yourself the more you will love yourself too. That is why we say that Self-Love is measured by the degree of Inner Safety you experience.

When you're ready to unlock & experience your Self-Love on a level where it matters most, we can help you make that transition. 

Here is how we can help...

Do you want to experience more happiness, more joy, more inner safety, more inner and outer freedom and more love in the company of yourself and more love in your relationship with others?

We are Briant & Jaldhara, from our 40+ years of experience with clients we know that you are love and we know that you can heal yourself. We also know that you can’t always feel that and often don’t even believe that. This is why we dedicated our lives to be the holding space for Self-Love so that it can reveal itself to you and you will learn to recognize it, to unpack it and to live it.

Come work with us and you'll discover what your deepest level of Self-Love really is so your Self-Love, your Self Healing ability and your Inner Leadership become connected and present in your daily reality. And you will be FREE.

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The advantage of being a member of our FREE online community Self-Love Lab

The next best thing to working with us personally are our weekly Master Classes, exclusively available for members. Everything we share in our Self-Love Lab is 100% for FREE.