Awesomely Inspired Healing Channelings 

A Whisper is a personal message to You
that invites you to grow, to heal, to learn


All these whispers are here for you

These whispers are here to make your life more easy

More in line and in tune with who you truly are

With your Essence

These whispers are for the greater good of mankind

That’s what they truly are

And yes, at this point in time

Our whispers are very instructive

Do this,

Try this

Try so

Feel this

Explore this

Travel with this

And this is a stage

This is a stage in the development of the material

The Whispers convey

And in time this will change

In time, new material will emerge

And will come through in the Whispers

But for now this is perfectly fine

What we convey

And what we tell you

And what we show you

And what we invite you to explore

At this moment in time this is perfect

The Whispers are new

We have not started long ago with these Whispers

And through the Whispers

We are trying to find ways to convey to you




And all this in order to

Help you develop

Help you to grow

Help you to manifest happiness in your life

And live life in accordance with your Essence

With the uniqueness of you




Connected to the reality in the stream of your life

Connected with your wholeness

Connected with your love for self and love for the world

For you are truly a spiritual being having a human experience

And we show you insights into that reality

This is what these Whispers are for

That is then the essence of these Whispers

Whispers are here for you

For your greater good

And we hope and we trust and we know

That these Whispers will bring you

What they are meant to bring you

And that is joy and love and insights

Into a different realm

A different reality

Of the beaten track

Of what the media or your politicians, or your writers

Or your parents, or your education tell you

For apart from all that reality

Which you call reality

There is a whole other reality

And we, through the Whispers 
Convey this reality to you

The other reality

Which is as real, if not even more real

Than that what you tend to call reality

Reality is many faceted

It has many facets and it has many layers

And through the Whispers we connect you with different layers

And different realities

Today this was our message


Copyright © 2017 Channeled by 'Briant & Jaldhara' 
- All Rights Reserved


Nicole Anthonio

The Whispers are higly Magical and Profound...

Because the vibration of the Whispers are pure Wisdom, Truth and Knowledge energy carried out by The Light with Love, I inmediatly feel that it opens my heart, floating tru my whole Mind, Body and Being.. It helps me to Awaken to my True Self.

Some parts of the Whispers resonate with what I already know/feel and therefore it confirms for me, that I'm on the right track, while other parts of the Whispers give me so profound insights, I can use in my daily life in contact with myself and others.

Reading and working with the Whispers is changing my mindset step by step and therefore the life I create for myself and touching the people around me so beautifuly and it feels like I'm surounded by the Magic of Life and Love! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!